#I am in love with DR-Banana#

I was shocked with the  taste and authenticity of Puerto Plata Bananas . Last six months  in Canada I was having only mechanized and processed artificial Bananas .I felt almost like the length, breadth and size of this bananas  is preplanned before it comes in Canadian market .The bananas in the capitalist countries is genetically modified  (GMO) which are intended to stay longer with all kinds of preservatives . In the case of Puerto Plata ,Which is unexposed to the MNCs and Giant Players is still having the banana in the way God has created . Mostly in Super markets of Canada we get Bananas which has sticker or seal on it which is not from the banana tree . Which essentially means these bananas are well processed with chemicals . Here in Puerto Plata , we can have organic banana which is  not having seal or sticker but having all the nutrients and vitamins.  I love to see more organic bananas from Dominican republic  reaching out to different parts of the world which can gradually reduce the consumption of mechanized Bananas. #Jofin T Lorance # The Banana Boy

GCELE Cuba 2018 – What an insightful journey!

##Tyre Heaven!! GCELE-Cuba has given me more insights about Agriculture and Permaculture. Permaculture can be termed as advanced version of Agriculture which mainly focus on balanced ecosystem and effective use of the space. Visit to Permaculture Garden named #Tyre Heaven# was an ice breaker in my life. I was impressed by the effective recycling methods of old tyre. Rather than dumbing, it has been used for the gardening purpose. Also I learned about the different zones in permaculture which is combination of vegetation, animals, water ,waste management etc.. The most important thing I learned from Cubans is their love and dedication to our mother earth. They treat earth with lot of respect and care . After this 10 days experience in Cuba , I also changed my lifestyle in a way to protect our mother earth and reducing pollution to the environment . #Jofin T Lorance #Community Development Student #GCELE-Cuba