Colonization in 21st Century#Peru&Community based projects

#Part 1

Last winter semester for me was  totally a radical experience  .  I was in Cusco ,Peru   for almost 4 months in different socially responsible projects . These has improved my Spanish skills and global citizenship skills .  Being an Asian , the experience I had in Latin America was totally different .   However I was able to immerse into their culture through their hospitality ,love and compassion.

My key learning was about the cycle of colonization in Peru  . In ancient days Peru was ruled and administered by Inca empire  . We still can see the ruins of the Incan  culture in Peru . In 18th Century , country was flourishing in all dimensions  . However seeing the natural resources of Peru  ,Spanish started their colonization in Peru in terms of Christian missions . Spanish has done all crooked ways to get dominance over Incans . While I was in Cusco , I realized all the current church was once the palace of Incans . However there was enough wars and fights during this time period .  Through this colonization ,Spanish has taken all the raw materials and natural resources to their country .The major natural resource was the wool of Alpaca . In 1824 , after series of battles , Incan has got independence from Spanish . By that time , Spanish language  was very common in Peru instead of Quechua.  After this decolonization country was more independent ,but due to lack of good leaders and vision country was not progressing .Even though they had natural resources ,They were not aware how to use in global market .

In 20th Century , colonization was slowly coming back in Peru through globalization and industrialization instead of church mission .    The major players in this game of colonization was MNCs  ,World Bank,IMF and other financial and charity organizations.They came offering financial aids and white color jobs .  The ultimate agenda of this was to gain dominance of Peru market and get the natural resources in a modern  strategical ways instead of wars and battles .Through  this MNCs  has created lot of sweatshops in Peru which runs at cheap labor costs and most unethical ways    .This had very adverse effect in traditional and local communities. Traditional market and products has been taken over globalized products . For Example  , A baby Alpaca sweater which is authentic and handmaid  by local communities may cost around 400soles (120USD)  .On the flip side we can get globalized mechanized sweaters which is made up of plastic and synthetic around 40 Soles (12USD) which is not all eco friendly  and can cause lot of natural  problems  such as pollution and physical effects .   Most of the people  seeing the cheaper rate prefer globalized plastic sweaters compared to Alpaca sweaters which adversely affect the sustainability of the earth . It will also directly impact the traditional markets and local communities which forces them to change their culture ,professions  and also even forced migrations for Income generations .

In the last 10 years ,Peru has slowly changed from their tradition and culture to western and capitalist style . Now  we can see branch of KFC ,Mc Donald, Starbucks , North Face  , Adidas ,etc …. in Peru ,which are main products of globalization which can kill authentic Peru market .

In conclusion ,globalization is the  new way of colonization in a systematic and organized way . In my view , we cant stop globalization but we should also consider strategic ways to improve local and domestic markets which can empower ground level communities .


#Part 2

I was working on 3 different socially responsible  and innovative  projects in Peru which was totally challenging for me .


Project 1#  Community  Economic Development # Fair Trade

This  was basically designing a new project which is executed by  local communities based on their assets which will create income generation in the community . Since the community was expert in knitting in Alpaca wool , I have done series analysis and try to contact different Fair Trade organizations which can support the community to compete with MNC Products .


Project 2# Community based tourism .# Fathom# Carnival Tourism# Travel Deep

Cusco ,Peru is the best place in the world ,I have ever visited .  According to UNWTO(United Nations World Trade Organization)  in 2017, 3,835 000  foreigners has visited Peru which makes Peru 4th Mostly visited South American country after Brazil,Argentina and Chile  . The Impact of tourism to the community is very significant .

However there is problem underneath . The main capital flow is happening in only to gigantic tourist companies  and big hotels . Even from the airport pick up  to drop off;these companies are operating which is readily available in online . This may create some jobs and income to small portion of population . But local communities may not have much impact. To tackle this , I have designed community based tourism in collaboration with  Carnival tourism which welcomes tourist to the local communities and spending time in micro level projects . This  can increase cash flow to local communities  and empower them to fight against global giants.



Project 3# Social marketing and fund raising.

This was based on the orphanage which I was working with in Cusco . I have created online funding page through Go Fund me application which has been spread over different networks for collecting donations and gifts for the orphans .  Through digital marketing and boosting , I was able spread the news among different stakeholders .  The amount collected was used for buying books and stationary products for the orphans which can eventually reduce their poverty burden.





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Jofin T Lorance

Canton Tower!

I never expected myself to say that I want to go up the Canton Tower! Having worked 4 years at the CN Tower, to me going up these towers were not a big deal. However, something about the Canton Tower fascinated me making me actually wanting and looking forward to go up! I have finally decided to go up last week on a random day last Wednesday. To my surprise, I spent quite a few hours up at the tower enjoying the beautiful view. However, I subconsciously started to compare the both towers: CN Tower & Canton Tower.

  1. The moment I stepped into the elevator, I noticed that there were operators! Everyone got in the elevator and the employee stood outside and told someone to press a button to go up to the 83rd floor
  2. There was hardly any staff around the observation levels to guide you or to even answer any of our questions, so if you have a question… you better hope that its nothing related to the tower! Otherwise, it will be pretty hard to find someone to answer that question!
  3. The tower lacks customer service! It surprises me because I know a lot of places in China have very poor customer service, but to see that even Canton Tower lack customer service was a little bit of a disappointment for me. I entered the tower expecting the service to be like CN Tower, but I was shocked that it was nothing compare to it.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the tower very much. They have many different options for tickets and of course, I choose to buy the best ticket that includes all the observation decks as well as 2 attractions: Bubble Train and a mini drop zone! When I arrived to go on the bubble train, the manager pulled me out of the line since he saw my wristband that includes the mini drop zone, he told me to do that first. So I took his advice and went on the drop zone. I was speechless. We went up high (not as high as drop zone) but as we were going up, I can see the whole city right beneath my eyes and it was just an incredible sight! Just when you are too focused on the beauty of the city, the drop you back down in a heartbeat!

After that, since the bubble train line did not subside, I decided to go up to the highest observation deck, which is at the 488m mark. It was an outdoor observation area. When I went up, there was no one else up there except for me. I felt like VIP being up there by myself. I found the peace and joy being up at that point by myself. The view was spectacular and the wind was blowing into my face and I really have no words to describe that feeling. It was actually quite windy up there but it was a nice breeze. It was such a peaceful moment. Not much later, other became came up and it was about time for me to head back down to the bubble train.

Wind blowing at my hair at the highest observation deck!

I couldn’t wait to get on the bubble train since it was solely the reason that has drawn my attention to go up the tower. It took us around the tower, 360 degrees giving us a panoramic view of the city. I must say, the thing that I was looking forward to do the most, was a little bit disappointing for me. The view was beautiful; don’t get me wrong, just the fact that there was no air condition inside the bubble was very unappealing to me. There was a fan however; it was still hot and humid inside.

Mailing at the TOP OF THE WORLD! =D

Overall, it was a great experience and I did not feel that my money was wasted! I bought lots of souvenirs and gifts from the tower because I felt that it is something unique to give as a gift. I mean… there’s nothing in china that we cannot get in Canada. So I decided to buy all the gifts for my friends and family from the tower. It represents china, and most of all, it represented the city that I was working in! So it will be a great piece of memory! Also, what I really liked is the fact that the ticket itself is a post card! If you live in china, you are able to mail the postcard anywhere in china for free. But in order to send the postcard overseas, you will need to pay about $6 RMB which is $1 CAD to send the postcards overseas.


If you’re interested in viewing more pictures from the tower, you can visit the link below!

Free picture that was included in my ticket package 🙂