St’ Patricks Day: Dublin Times

Wow! What an amazing day!! This was one of the most memorable trips I have been on. We started off in Waterford City waiting for our busses at 7:30am. Everyone was dressed in green, and all the international students (200+) were Irish for the day.

As we entered the bus and took off at 8:00am, the drinking had already began. The green, white and orange make up was being applied and the excitement building up the closer we got to Dublin. Once there, the crowds were everywhere, watching the parade and while having a laugh.

Straight from the get go. We went bar hopping, including a bar named ‘Whelans’ which was featured in the movie ‘p.s, I love you‘. The whole day turned out amazing. There were so many of us that even when we were split up, we always managed to bump into someone we knew.

By the time 1:00am hit, we had to run back to our bus and attempt to make it on time, while some of us stayed back for the night. Overall it was a great day that was filled with laughter and great times. We met people from all parts of the world who came just to celebrate in Dublin. It was most definitely the place to be on St’ Patricks Day! ~cheers!

Kawoos Naserie



Pancake Tuesday

So 40 days before Easter, it is an Irish (and many parts of the world) to give up on a negative habit, eating bad food or to change something in your life that will make you a better person. Kind of like a New Years resolution.

The Wednesday before Easter is known as Ash Wednesday, but before you give up on anything, the Irish tend to eat as much sweets as they can (if they plan to give up sweets for example) and so on.

So before Ash Wednesdays, they have the famous Pancake Tuesday!!! My roommates and I all gathered around the kitchen enjoying each others company while I flipped everyone some crepes and pancakes. Everyone put there own toppings like blueberry’s, Nutella or just syrup. It was great fun while also getting a chance to bond.

By Kawoos Naserie