Sage International Program- INSEEC U, Paris global experience-JIA YI JI

  My general experience

I am very happy to be selected as an ambassador to participate in this international program, French Luxury Marketing & Management. On the first day, the school held a welcome ceremony and provided us with a rich lunch. Bread, chicken, water, and fruit.
Next, I will start the normal class. The first class is Exploring French Wine from 2 pm to 5 pm in July. The second class was held from 9:30 to 12:30 on July 3. The third class was held from 1:30 to 4:30 on the afternoon of July 3. I studied this course at the same time on July 4th. Then, on July 5, Friday, I visited the Opera under the guidance of the school. On July 8th, the morning class is the last Exploring French Wing class. I made the presentation.
In the afternoon on July 8th, Exploring French Luxury started. The professor is very beautiful and graceful. There are six classes in this subject. Exploring French Luxury finished on July 12th. Of course, the last class has an exam.
Similarly, French Gourmet also has six classes from July 12 to July 18. Among them, on the afternoon of July 16, the school showed us around the perfume institute. On the morning of July 17th, we visited Assemblee Nationale.
Finally, on July 19, I attended the Certificate Ceremony. The school prepared bread, desserts and all kinds of drinks for us.


 A profound learning experience

I learned a lot from the three-week exchange program. I learned about the making, marketing and marketing strategies of French wines. I also mastered the market management and marketing mode of French luxury goods. What impresses me most is the course of French cuisine. I think this course is a combination of theory and practical operation. On the premise that the professor,Sylvain LEROUVILLOIS, finished his theoretical knowledge, he led us to visit physical stores and explain the food operation mode ,food preparation process and related sales strategy of different stores. We visited French Gourmet shops in La Madeleine. Specific stores have MAILLE, LADUREE, PAT RICK ROGER, FAUCHON PARIS. A real and colourful class.

I learned a lot

Before I went to INSEEC, I felt a little strange, in my mind, I thought the teachers here would be very serious. But the reality is that the professors are very kind and patient to answer every question. In the French wine class, I learned how to taste red wine, make red wine, sell red wine, and market red wine. For the French luxury course, I learned about the historical development of some famous brands, such as Hermes. His luxury quality lies not only in his quality but also in its long history and spiritual heritage. In the course of French cuisine, the professor took us to visit a brick-and-mortar shop, and I saw the whole process of making chocolate, the famous baguette in France. At a bakery, we visit the kitchen, where the baker is a master with 18 years of experience. He skillfully handled each piece of dough in a machine and finally baked it into bread. New machines, skilled operation, clean environment, let me have an indescribable love for bread.


The impact on me

I learned a lot from this experience. It not only increased my knowledge and skills but also greatly improved my cognition. Before, I did not have a deep understanding of French culture. Through this experience, I realized that I should learn the romance and delicacy of French culture. Having a romantic spirit can make me feel happy at work and not dull. The exquisite lifestyle will make my living environment, working environment and learning environment more beautiful. Besides, I also visited some famous scenic spots in Paris, such as Eiffel Tower, The Seine, the arc DE triomphe,Louvre Palace, Opera, Orsay museum and Versailles palace. These beautiful sceneries gave me a great shock. I also visited France’s National Day celebration. This is really a wonderful study tour experience.

Centennial College GEO Experience in France – La Rochelle June 2014

The historical town of La Rochelle, inclusive of our host families and school Groupe Sup de Co (La Rochelle) welcomed all of us with an unforgettable warm embrace. The opportunity to learn the language in an environment enriched with pure French culture continues to create unforgettable memories. Whether we are mixing up all of our words or totally uttering the wrong masculine or feminine words, it has been exciting learning French; this definitely leaves me counting my blessings for the mandatory French classes that I used to botch. Before arriving in La Rochelle I could only picture the Eiffel Tower and shopping centres while thinking of France. But now I will forever remember La Rochelle for this experience as a student, made possible through the Global Cultural Exchange (GEO) opportunity by Centennial College. Besides feeling encouraged to learn the French language more fluently, I am filled with ambition that one-day I could be a competitive trilingual professional in the Canadian legal field. This trip has made me realize that you can always have the opportunity to travel as a tourist to many foreign countries but the experience while traveling as a student is comparable to none. Being a student at Centennial College has truly enriched my learning journey. But on the down side even though I am surrounded by all this fine cuisine I still miss my Amma’s spicy chicken curry.

T Thevarajah

My voyage through France

I must apologize for the lack of updates throughout August, however, I was too busy seeing the wonders of France! And what amazing voyages they were… Travelling throughout Northern France, I saw the beauty of Normandy, the gorgeous seaside of Brittany, the picturesque scenes of the Seine winding through to Paris, and the rolling hills of the Champagne region! It has been quite the journey over the past few weeks, and I have come to love the beauty and simplicity that is rural France.


The view of Arromanche, in Normandy. The things you see on the beach are relics from WWII, part of the sea fortifications the Germans constructed before D-Day.


Me in front of the Mumm vineyards near Riems. The river Mumm is visible in the back!


The Cathedral in Bayeux, one of the few remaining intact Medieval towns in France.


Another photo of Bayeux, to the right is the Museum of the Bayeux Tapestry.


Mont St. Michel is almost too beautiful for words… And a impenetrable fortress which protected the French royal family during the Hundred Years War with England.

And now during my last few weeks at IIEP, I cannot help but reflect upon the previous few months I spent with a great group of co-workers whom I am happy to call my friends. We shared many laughs and great times together, discovering the beauty of Paris as a group. I felt so lucky and blessed to have met such a great group of people who all supported and helped each other in living in a foreign city. Here is a photo of a shared birthday between myself and a co-worker.


A Parisian Summer

Hot and beautiful are probably the two best descriptors of the summer so far in Paris. I have found myself spending increasing amounts of my leisure time in parks all over the city with fellow co-workers from the IIEP. Luckily, the IIEP employs a small army of students every summer to assist with research, databases and in my case, internal projects. Students from all over the globe come in to assist with this work, and it has been a fantastic opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. We have formed a great little group who celebrate events together such as, Canada Day, Le Fete du St. Jean Baptiste, Bastille Day and for our sole American friend, Independence Day.

Found a little piece of home in Paris for Canada Day!
A big turn-out for Quebec’s Saint Jean Baptiste Day!
The Eiffel Tower lit up for Bastille Day!

Last weekend I was also lucky enough to travel to Munich in order to visit my cousins completing their own internship in southern Germany. We spent quite a bit of time traveling across Bavaria, venturing up every mountain we could for the spectacular views.

Talk about a view…From the summit of Germany’s highest peak, the Zugspitze.
Stuck in the clouds with my two cousins. Behind us, the 300 meter rock climb to the very peak of the Zugspitze.

Apart from all the fun and travel, there has been quite a bit of work as the ETICO Website Project has transitioned from the initiation phase, and into the planning and execution phase. My days are filled with project team meetings, tasking and problem solving. However, I am glad for the hands on experience and cannot be more grateful to be working with such a fantastic international organization.

Until next time!