Costa Rica, first impression

My name is Valentina, and I’m doing my Internship in Costa Rica. First, I’d like to thank GEO, Centennial College, for giving me this amazing opportunity to travel, see a new country, learn new things, and grow personally and professionally. Here, on my blog, I will share my experience with you during the three month internship in Borinquen Mountain Resort and Spa, Costa Rica.

My flight to Liberia took around 6 hours from Toronto, and it was totally worth waking up at 4 am to get to the airport by 6 am. Approaching Costa Rica and looking down from the airplane I was amazed by beauty of the country.

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1)

A driver picked me up from the airport in Liberia and we drove all the way to Ricon de la Vieja, where the hotel is located. Then, I was introduced to the front desk staff and they took me to show around the hotel and accommodated me in one of the villas.

photo 4 photo 5 photo 3

First week I’m assigned to work at the Front Desk. Today was my third day working here, but I already love it. Diana and Fabian, two other Front Desk agents, are super nice and friendly. We mostly talk in English but I also try to pick up from them some new Spanish words.  Staying in hotel where most of the staff speaks English is easy compared to getting fully immersed into a new country with a different language that you don’t speak whatsoever. I know that it would be much more stressful if I had to face some real language barrier.

photo 3 (1)
Front Desk and lobby
photo 2 (2)
Hot Springs
photo 1 (2)
The pool

Typical food in Costa Rica is rice and beans, or Gallo Pinto. Ticos (Costa Rican people) eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and that’s what the hotel offers its staff most of the time for each meal, adding either eggs, fish, or chicken to it.

So far, I love it here and am really excited about what the next three months going to bring for me.


First Impression and experiences of Costa Rica

Hello Readers,

It has been about almost two weeks since arriving and there has been ups and downs. First off, the weather and scenery is amazing! I can’t get enough of the beautiful postcard perfect scenery.

After arriving to Costa Rica, I realized the life in Costa Rica is like those stories from my parents about the olden days and life when they were a kid. The long walks from home because of the distance from school, the jobs that they must do in order to help the family, and many more stories which I see in Costa Rica.

Street vendors
Street Vendors

The road trip from San Jose to Borinquen Mountain Resort and Spa was long but there were so many interesting things and scenery I found.

On the way to Borinquen Mountain Resort and Spa
Not expecting to see one

After a long drive up the mountains and arriving at the Borinquen, there were many great views I found even though most of them were trees but the sunsets are postcard perfect!

After x number of kms driving up the mountain, finally see their official sign
Sunset view

There are too many experiences I want to share! More pictures and experiences to come!

LT, Student of SHTC at Centennial College

Countdown to Borinquen Mountain Resort & Spa, Costa Rica

Hello Readers,

My name is Lillian. This is my first post before leaving Toronto. After months of ups and downs in emotions, the date of departure is 5 days away. I am very excited to be going to the Borinquen Mountain Resort and Spa in Costa Rica. This is the first time leaving family and the familiar city I grew up in. I know I will be missing the comfort of my home and the familiar surroundings but this adventure is one I am willing to take for my own personal growth but as well as for my future in the Hospitality Industry.

Going away is hard for many people especially when you will be gone for 3 months. At the same time, taking an opportunity like this will allow me to see how much I will be able to grow personally and professionally. I am looking forward to the different culture, landscapes and the food, of course. I can’t wait for the adventure that has yet to come.

– Lillian, Student of SHTC at Centennial College