The land of mystery, culture and sights beyond words. Just in the last few months, I have had the opportunity to visit and explore, Puno for the biggest festival in all of Peru and even one of the 7th wonders of the world Machu Picchu. Beyond that, this experience has changed and challenged my outlook on life so drastically. With all of the riches, Peru has to offer it is also lacking in many things as well. Here I have had the opportunity to work with many children whom I have been so fortunate to build relationships with. They open their arms readily and eagerly to meet and befriend new people and I am lucky enough to be one of these individuals. We have started to finally see progress with the greenhouse which is amazing. I look forward to being able to continue to grow and learn at this amazing opportunity.


My time in Cusco, Peru

It has been just over one month in Cusco, Peru for my placement abroad, and the experience thus far has been different but exciting. There are a few projects that I will be working on while I am here. I am currently working in a local orphanage and was told to think of a project I could work on with the girls. I wanted to implement a program that would be different and fun. I came up with the idea of teaching a few origami classes. I was a little nervous because of the language barrier but to my surprise, it went really well! We were able to make the origami and take polaroids with the girls in order to show off what they made and remember the experience. The other students came up with the idea of creative writing and drawing. Another project we wanted to work on at the orphanage is the greenhouse that Centennial College initially made. The plastic on the frame is beginning to rip and some of the gardens are not being used to its fullest potential. It just needs a little work and it will be good as new! Last, we were asked to do some English classes with some of the local teenagers in the area. We had an agreement to teach them one hour of English and in return, they would teach us a half-hour of Spanish. It was a little tough to know what we wanted to do but with a little planning, it has been going great! We will be visiting other orphanages in the area and our goal is to accomplish what we did in the current orphanage we are at. The intention is to bring programs to the girls that they will enjoy and learn some new skills from them. I intend on continuing to learn as much as I can about this beautiful city and understand how things can be different from Canada. I am trying to enjoy and appreciate the opportunity I have because I know the next month and a half will fly by fast!! Below are some photos for you to enjoy!

FullSizeRender 2
This is a photo of us as a group holding our origami and polaroids
This is the greenhouse we want to spruce up so the orphanage can have fresh fruits and vegetables for their meals.
Teaching the alphabet to the students
We hiked up one of the many mountains of Cusco to see this view, beautiful!!!


Jessica Ro, Social Service Worker Student, Centennial College