‘We Live in Paradise..!’ (Summer International Program – Italy)

Dante Alighieri – The father of Italian Language said this, and trust me all the people residing in Italy believe this very firmly. And I am extremely fortunate to experience it to the fullest and living life the Italian way..!

Starting a journey with many postponed/canceled events resulting in not meeting a single person of my group made me skeptical but contrasting it completely the group that I got because of this summer program at the prestigious and much honored Centennial College was indescribable. They were the best and extremely fun-loving travelers I’ve met in my lifetime. They are some of the most caring, most mannered and most adorable people I’ve ever met. They were not my friends before but in 15 days all of them became more than family to me. Again a lot of thanks goes to Centennial College..! I’m not exaggerating about them; not even a bit – this is the truth, meet them & find out yourself.

This incredible group consisted of 19 friends from all across the world..! They were from  Uganda, Afghanistan, Russia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Africa, Sri Lanka, and myself from India. Truly a Global Experience..! Centennial College will surely be remembered forever by me with utmost reverence. Thanks, @CentennialCollege for selecting me in #SIPItalyUrbania and #SaGE for arranging everything so perfectly and gifting me the #GlobalExperience. I learned a lot from you all..!

The hosts Lea and uncle cared us with unseen love &  extreme respect – treating us just like their sons and served us delicious food with a personalized table-linen(our names written on them) – Ps She had 30 years of experience as a cook/chef. The L’insegnante (teacher) Anna Ferri who took our Language Class was the coolest and the best teacher I ever had. She was awesome at teaching Italian, a caring, and a happy person. She did her best to understand us. Even she used to play great Italian songs in-class to fill the blanks listening correctly to the lyrics. And yes, we even watched a movie in class. Thanks, Lea and Anna for making Italy trip very memorable.

Thanks, Diletta for arranging the housing so properly – can’t expect anything more even in my imagination. Lastly, thank you very much, Pearl, for arranging the make-up orientation and supporting me very well through the whole process. I came to know how an excellent email looks like.. Giovanni – the Managing Director at Centro Studi Italiani and Enrico the student coordinator thanks for all your help, patience, and #extraordinary support. Happy Birthday and thanks to Anna for being with us and guiding us at all places – Urbino, Venice, Florence, Gubbio and Rome.

Grazie Mille (Thank You Very Much) Centennial for bestowing us with a remarkable and unforgettable #international experience, providing us the substantial bursary and giving abundant happiness in college-life.

Readers, I highly recommend to experience the Paradise yourself..! I bet you’ll have many things to say and tons of memories to share. Even my computer has 141+ Gig memories of Italy…IMG_20170924_102801_012.jpg

#Cheers to the reality that was better than a dream..!


Do share your precious comments, thoughts.

Forgive the errors with your big heart.. & thanks for reading. I’ve shared many more events, memories, and photos of Italy on Facebook. Click Here to read and see them all..!

Written by: Rishit Sheth

URBANIA, ITALY SIP August 2017 by Lina Safi

Ciao Ragazzi! My name is Lina Safi, and this past summer I traveled on Centennial College’s Summer International Program to Urbania, Italy in August of 2017. During this global experience, I gained many important life skills, including learning how to be independent while learning.

Prior to departure, I was very nervous about joining a group of other students whom I had never interacted with prior to the trip. There was a total of 19 of us, and I had only had a small orientation with half the group before meeting the rest for the first time at the airport in Rome.

Instagram: @_linasafi for more pictures.

However, everyone clicked immediately from the start. We were met at the airport by Enrico, our student support coordinator, and a bus driver who drove us approximately 5-6 hours from Rome to the small town of Urbania, where we were greeted and taken home by our host families. All of us were greeted very warmly, and the families were very loving and some of the most kind-hearted people I had ever met. We were also given times for breakfast and dinner, as well as our own set of keys.

The next day, we began school at Centro Studi Italiani, where our classes were from 8:50-4:30. That may seem like a typical Canadian school day, but in Italy, that school day also had a 2 hour break from 12:30-2:30pm. This was because Italians emphasize importance on the meals and “siesta” part of their day. Even the shops close during the mid-afternoon for a few hours!

We had two classes, language and culture. Centro Studi Italiani had also given us written material to use as textbooks and help improve our Italian education. We were also given a 2 week schedule dictating the days we had a change in routine, for excursions or special classes like cuisine, or ceramics.

In the ceramics class, we were taught how to really work with clay, and designed our own fish. In the cooking class, we made homemade gnocchi. One of my favourite activities during culture class was playing “Heads-Up!” in Italian.

In addition to these special classes, Centro Studi Italiani and Centennial College organized a variety of excursions for us to partake in.

Excursion #1: Province of Urbino

Excursion #2: Florence (FIRENZE)


Excursion #3: Venice (VENEZIA)

Excursion #4: Gubbio

Excursion #5: Rome (ROMA) / Vatican City (CITTA DE VATICANI)

It goes without saying, however, that our experience abroad could not have been so great without the help of the amazing Giovanni, Anna, Diletta, Gloria, and Enrico, who made sure that our time in Urbania was wonderful. I learned so much Italian and culture in a matter of just 2 weeks that I feel like a whole new person. Furthermore, I am forever grateful to Centennial College for giving me the privilege to experience such an incredible and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, where I not only learned and grew as an individual professionally and personally, but also made a family from halfway across the world. Grazie mille Centennial College e grazie mille a Centro Studi Italiani! Mi manchi.

#SaGe #SIPItalyUrbania #LearningAbroad #CentroStudiItaliani

Written by: Lina Safi

Andiamo Summer Program – Italy 2017

The opportunity Centennial College had granted myself along with 18 other students has been nothing short of fantastic. As an architectural technology student visiting the birthplace of civilization and seeing all the beautiful and intricately detailed buildings was enough of a reason for me to want to go on this two week adventure.


Little did I realize what I would receive would be so much more. All students stayed in the loving homes of Italian families that made us authentic Italian meals every evening. At Centro Studi Italiani, centered in the small town of Urbania, we studied Italian language as well as ceramics, cooking and a wine tasting. The staff and teachers were friendly and did an amazing job setting up our stay in Italy. After classes we had ample opportunity to go out and mingle with the locals, getting a full immersion into the Italian culture and making new friends along the way.


Also included in this two week program were excursions to Florence, Venice, Rome, Urbino and Gubbio. While there we were gifted individual on site exploration, with some pointers on the local landmarks, allowing everyone to see or do as they pleased. Each location had its own charm, with sights and history making it hard to compare one to another. If this sounds like a lot to take in for just two weeks that’s because it was, these two weeks were jam packed with adventure around every corner and I would not trade this experience for anything. I look forward to returning to Italy one day, and hopefully reconnect with the new friends I have made.



– Brad Shadlock

Italy Sage 2017

Hi, my name is Maegan!

This blog is about the amazing opportunity I got to cross Italy off my bucket list. I am a student at Centennial College studying a three-year Business Entrepreneurship coop program. On August 20- September 3, a group of 18 students went on a journey together to Italy for two weeks.

We stayed in Urbania, Italy for the two weeks, once we got there we got to find out who was our room mates and Italian parents for the rest of the trip.



The next day was school Centro Studi Italiani; where we learned Italian for 2 hours a day, all the teacher were very nice and helpful. It was a great idea to learn the basics of the Italian language to help with traveling on our own throughout the trip.

I really wanted to experience the food in Italy, here are a couple of items I really enjoyed.

We ate gelato every day and ate from the supermarkets.

–>What I learned about Italy is Itanians love pasta, wine, they need to be bussed through a door to get into banks and they take naps in the middle of the day.

In Urbania, Italy we had a Wine Tasting, Cooking class, and Ceramics class.

We had one day in Urbano, Gabbio,  Florence, Venice and Slept over in Rome:

My Favorite part of the trip was Venice and Florence I always wanted to go there!


In conclusion; this global experience was amazing and I will never forget the summer I spent getting to know Centennial College students from all different campuses and learning the Italian culture!


The End!

– Maegan

La Dolce Vita – The taste of the sweet life in Italy

I am ecstatic to be writing​ about, my wonderful SIP trip to Urbania Italy, with Centennial College and Centro Studi Italiani. From the beginning​ to the end, everyone you met was eager to welcome you into their homeland and into their lives. From the directors of the school to the staff, our homestay host, and the locals, we were constantly surrounded by Italian hospitality and warmth. This immersion​ into the culture, allowed no time to miss or develop homesickness. Urbania became home. We now have a new family with our hosts, and made new friends that will last a lifetime. Creating this close bond, was not easy. However, a goal of mine was to be more accepting of situations and become more outgoing. This allowed me to benefit fully from all the experiences in front of me. This trip truly encouraged me to develop communication skills, that are invaluable in today’s job society. I am grateful to have participated in this program. All of my expectations were shattered, and I came back to Centennial College with a sweeter outlook on our world. Grazie mille Centennial College e Centro Studi Italiani !

Urbania, Italy

Culture, Language and Appreciation

My first impression of Italy was how similar I felt the landscape was to my home in British Columbia. The lush rich colors of varying greens flashed from the trees and foliage which created a very organic feel. I felt like I was being welcomed to a country who was proud of their rich soil and I knew real food and culture was going to enjoyed here. Then I didn’t feel so far away from home.

The further away from the big city we went the quieter it became and the foliage became more intimate along the winding roads as the bus maneuvered us safely through the mountains. I arrived with the group in the world-renowned town of Urbania, Italy with a thought of food and rest….too be continued.

GEO Language and Culture Program to the Centro Studi Italiani in Urbania, Italy

I will never forget this amazing global experience in my entire life , because this was my first time visited Europe, this was my first time stayed with Italian home stay family, this was my first time learned Italian language, this was my first time made a ceramic work and so many ” the first”. I feel myself has been opened to the world.

Awesome course schedules in Centro Studi Italiani in Urbania, Italy


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Ti Amo, Italia! Part 1: A foodie’s dream.

Ciao! Mi chiamo Fiona. Ho studiato I media di bambini in Centennial College e ho finite il programma nel mese Agosto.

Through Centennial College’s GEO Program, I had the privilege of going to Italy with a group of 26 other students to learn conversational Italian, enjoy traditional Italian cuisine and immerse myself in Italian culture. It was my first time in Europe and I could not have asked for a better experience.


Urbania is a quant town in the province of Urbino. It’s about 4.5 hours northeast of Rome. The family that I stayed with had 2 teenage children that understood and spoke some English. There were instances of Google Translate being used to communicate. The magical thing about conversing while there’s a language barrier is that one can still make sense of the conversation based on the time of day, the situation and the tone of someone else’s voice.


I LOVE FOOD. Usually, I don’t seek out Italian food often since I don’t really enjoy pasta dishes unless they’re smothered in cheese… BUT having mild lactose intolerance limits my dairy intake to no more than 1-2 times a week. I do love gelato though. I would suffer a stomachache for tiramisu and bacio gelato ANYDAY!


Colazione (Breakfast)
At the crack of dawn, my Italian father would go to the local bar to pick up fresh baked croissants for my roommate and I. To put it into perspective, the bar is to Italians as cafés are to North Americans. It was a bit of adjustment eating patisseries for breakfast every morning, but all is forgiven since the croissant con marmellata di pesca è molto delizioso!


Pranzo (Lunch)
The first thing I noticed when given the school schedule was the 2 hour lunch breaks. Long lunch breaks are given for people to go home and eat together with their families. Local stores are closed midday for family time as well. One of my favourite food items for lunch was a pastry flat bread called the crostolo, which is traditional to Urbania. It can be sweet or savoury. I enjoyed mine with lots of greens, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.


Cena (Dinner)
The first couple of dinners in Urbania, I asked my Italian mom if the pasta that she’s serving us was homemade.  She told me no and that she used pasta from a box and proceeded to show me their cupboard filled with Barilla pasta (the Barilla commercials don’t lie – it’s a brand that Italians trust!). My Italian mom did eventually make us fresh pasta… and it was molto delizioso!


Cena is a biggest meal of the day for Italians. Unlike North American society where you’re conditioned to have your biggest meal in the morning and eat less throughout the day, Italians have their meals the complete opposite. At the homestay, dinners usually started off with a pasta dish and then followed by a course of meats, veggies and lots of bread. The meal ends with fruit and coffee.

PicMonkey Collage - winetastingPicMonkey Collage-marketPicMonkey Collage - cookingnight

PicMonkey Collage - food


Grazie Mille Centennial College! Grazie Mille Centro Studi Italiani! Ricorderò sempre il mio tempo in Italia!

Fiona Lui
Children’s Media – Post-Graduate Certificate Program

Italia 2015!

As a second-year Centennial student, I applied to Centennial’s GEO program in Urbania, Italy, and the experience was so memorable and profound that I can’t believe I didn’t apply in my first year! What other college offers the opportunity to learn abroad?! Italy is such a beautiful country; the culture, the FOOD, and the sights were astonishing! If I could give advice to any Centennial student, it would be this: get involved! Apply to this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world and grow, while you’re still with Centennial! Thank you so much, GEO!

– Phillip Loebel, Student of Practical Nursing

Reach Italy before 20: Mission Accomplished!

Ciao! Come stai? I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to travel to Italy while I am still in school. I have always thought that it will take me many years to get to Italy, but I was wrong. The emphasis on multiculturalism at Centennial College has made this trip possible.

If it wasn’t for this trip, I would have never known how travelling abroad and immersing myself into the Italian culture could affect me.

Italian culture has reminded me to take time to enjoy the present moments. Whether it is dining with family and friends, viewing scenery, having a conversation with other people, or relaxing during hot afternoons, it is important to live in the moment and truly take in what is happening around me. This is a good reminder for those of us who may live in a fast-past lifestyle. A tip from Italy: Breath, laugh, and socialize more often!

I knew I was in Italy when…

I saw a lot of people owning cats. Cats everywhere…


Cheese is more popular than meats


Here are some pictures of where we went on our excursions (it was not all studying)

Picture of the St. Mark Square at Venice, Italy


Picture of a great hilltop view of Florence, Italy


Summer in Italy has been a memorable experience!

Yours Truly,