Trip to Lake Constance.


Sadina and me. A lady come from Russia. I like the green tower stand behind us.


Mandy and me. A lady from Belgium. We took a picture here, because we want to remember we were in this place ever.


It’s not easy to climb up to Munsterturm Konstanz, but we did it. It’s so beautiful, and we got lots of fun up there.


A classmate come from Spain. He is really nice. For many times, he would talk to me in Spanish, and then expain it in English.

We took this picture on the street in Konstanz.


Took this picture in the church.


We were waiting for a friend and took this picture for fun.


After our friend come back, we took this picture.


Mandy, Kata, Vivi, and me.

We took the ferry to Meersburg. We thought we were sitting in front of the boat, but it was the back of the boat.

I like Germany. I like all the people I met at here, they are so funny.

Hiking Trail

Hiking Trail

The view of Reutlingen, Germany

This is how I started off my trip, by going hiking to the highest point of the city. Today is Sunday, Sundays are days for family to spend quality time together and most shops were closed so my friends and I decided to go hiking. We had no idea where the Castle was but we saw the mountains from miles away and just followed our guts and we made it. This is one of the few Castles they have here in Reutlingen, Germany so stay in touch for future hiking excursions.

The first few days here were hard but I made some friends and I am adjusting to the 6 hour difference (we are 6 hours ahead of Toronto). I arrived on Friday and both Friday and Saturday we stayed up till 5:30am Germany time because of the time difference (5:30am here is 11:30pm in Toronto).

This is one of the many more excursions!!

Week first In Germany.

Finally, I bought my adaptor today. It was a few tough days: My computer, my phone, my touch, they were all dead.

Live in Germany is kinda funny. lots of funny happened here, they made my days.

The first day I got to school, It was kinda boring. I was the only Chinese at the whole campus I guess. Most of the people around me speak different languages, I can’t tell what languages they were speaking.

I think Germany is a very good place to study. They have lots of benefits for the student. I got a student semester pass, they only sell it for 67 euro, that’s really cheap, honestly.

My university is good. When I was in Canada, food on campus won’t be cheap, because they are doing business on students. But the funny thing in Germany, they were trying to keep students’ costs lower. For Reutlingen University, if you don’t have a student ID, you need to pay more than double the price than those who do. If I got a dish on campus, they only sell me 2 euro, If you don’t have a student ID, you will have to pay 6-8 euros for the same thing.

The supermarket is also funny. I was bought something food from the supermarket near my dorm. The other day, I walked into the supermarket beside our campus, that’s so surprised me: The price is lots lower than the one I went to.

Something funny when I was taking a bus. I met an interesting driver who didn’t speak English. We were so funny, I asked him questions, he answered me with German. We didn’t understand each other. I know where I wanted to go because I showed him my destination. He tried to tell me how to get there, but I didn’t understand. Then he was pointing to a seat and said: “sit”. hahaha, I can’t stop myself from laughing. That’s also so awkward because it is a senior chair.

I had the first class today, we had a really good time. I love my German class here, and I love my professor. She is amazing, I felt it is the right choice I chose this course instead of travelling.

My classmates are so awesome, they are really nice. Now I know why I don’t understand what they were talking about when they were sitting beside me in the beginning. Most of them come from other countries in Europe. Some are Sweden, some are Italian, some are Spain, and some are French. One thing surprised me, they all speak English very well.

By the way, I forgot to mention my building manager and his wife, they are awesome. They helped me a lot, in the beginning, I thought they might do the same thing to everybody, but when I knew some of the roommates, I found that they are not treating everybody as the same way. I was feeling so good.

One thing made me frustrated. I changed my password in school, then I found I can’t get my right password. I think I had experience now, I will change the keyboard to English instead of German next time.

I like Germany, very much. On the other side, I miss people in Canada very much as well.

Denmark -> Germany: Nurburgring


So as you may or may not know I did not go anywhere during the reading week because Europe was in a sort of deep freeze and they raise the prices during this time is it was also quite expensive to go out, but this past week I did go to Cologne, Germany. Why Cologne you ask? Well, my ultimate destination was the Nurburgring, the Nurburgring is a ring round located in the Eiffel region in Germany and is the most thrilling race track in the world, it is a mecca for Automotive Enthusiasts and the world standard for automotive cars.

ImageThe first step was to take the City Night Line from Odense -> Cologne.

After a little mishap, my friend George who was accompanying me woke me up when we arrived at the train station but as I packed up my bag as I took some of the belongings out, the train started to move. George jumped out of the moving train but the conductor air locked the door so I couldn’t, so I accidentally went to Dusseldorf and had to take the train back. After finding George, we cologne before picking up our rental car.


Here is Cologne Dom, a monolithic building had detailed in every crevice. Really amazing this was made in the 18th Century and they had to redo the windows because they were blown our due to WWII.


The river Rhine had a strong current on the day we were there and it divided Cologne into North and South partitions.


I also visited a Chocolate Museum….and yes the chocolate there was very tasty.


Also, the hot chocolate was amazing, I think myself as a sort of Hot Cocoa connoisseur and this is by far the best I have tasted.

After a little, we picked up our car to take us to the ‘Ring.


Legally doing 182km/h the whole way there, got to love the autobahn.


So the first day I was there, I was trying to get acquainted with the atmosphere and what an atmosphere it was. Imagine going outside and hearing your favourite songs playing from very loudspeakers, this is what it was like for me except for me it was very loud engines and exhausts…and you could literally hear it everywhere you went in the town. This racetrack actually spans 3 towns, this is the largest in the world at 20.2 KM.

I also made some British friends who took us out in their vehicles.


Next day we met up with our instructors to see what cars we would be driving, the only problem was our instructor only spoke German so it was kind of hard to understand but actually car talk is a universal languageImage

As you can see I would not be disappointed with what I had to choose from.


Getting into the instructor’s car for some 1 on 1 class.

ImageAs the tires were being changed due to the warmer weather coming in I had a chance to take a picture of the fleet.

ImageI then got into my Porsche 996 GT3 RS Track Car went for a spin, to be honest, I was quite scared to take this car to the limits because even though I bought insurance for it. It would have sucked if I went into a wall or gravel runoff.

ImageHere is a VLN race series car practicing.

All in all, it was an amazing trip and one I would like to take more frequently. This was also one of my life dreams so I am happy I can scratch that one-off.


Euro Trip Around Germany…. Second Stop Paris

Paris…. Paris… Paris….. Such a beautiful and romantic place. So far it has been my favourite place that I have visited. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing. I had gone their with two of my friends that came from Canada to visit me for my 24th birthday. We stayed in a hostel for 2nights 3days. I know when you think of hostel, you think of a really small dirty place but, it was far from that. It was so nice like a little villa in Italy or something and the best part of it was that it was 80euro for the weekend… Ya it was so cheap. OMG don’t get me started on the food in Paris it was amazing probably the best food I have had since I have been in europe. I could honestly eat all day and night and never stop, that’s how amazing the food was. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the city was a bit dirty and the people that lived in Paris were not to friendly to tourist. Very surprising considering it is one of the world’s top tourist places. You would think the they would be use to tourist by now and be a bit more friendly to them but, I guess every country is different. It still didn’t stop me from enjoying Paris at all and I still consider it my favourite place that I have visited so far. The Eiffel Tower absolutely stole my heart when I saw it. Writing this blog right now I still cant believe I saw the Eiffel Tower it’s always been one of my dreams since I was a little girl. It was breath taking. So many couples every where enjoying the sensory together and the most beautiful thing ever watching a man go on his one knee and propose to his one and only girl. Almost made me cry. If you look at the pictures that I posted all the bears are bears representing different countries as you walk to the Eiffel Tower. The last thing I wanna say about Paris that blew my mind was their transit system. No words to explain but easy and amazing. I honestly wish Toronto had a transit system like Paris. Overall it was an amazing trip and I would in a heart go back to Paris again.

Well I posted some pics of my trip to Paris. Hope you guys enjoy them. Until next time……




Euro Trip Around Germany….. First Stop Prague Czech Republic!!!!!

Hallo again everyone.

Well this past weekend was very exciting for me I must say. I finally took my first journey outside Germany to Prague Czech Republic. The first thing that I have to say is that Europe is pretty amazing. Everyone that I have met here have been so friendly. The reason why I am bringing this up is because I had my first hitch hiking experience. Hahaha. Well not really hitch hiking but people back home in Toronto would call it that. Anyways here in Europe they have this carpooling website that is pretty amazing and extremely cheap for people that want to travel. So pretty much it’s a website were people offer to drive you to other cities or countries. For example this past weekend was my first time trying this system out. So I went online and put my departure city, the country and city I wanted to go to which was Prague and the date. Once I did that a few contact numbers came up. I was also traveling with 2 other girls so I was looking for a ride that offered 3 seats. Which lucky enough I found it. I called the guy he was very friendly and we came to an agreement on pick-up location and price. I know sounds really weird. Trust me when I told my mom this she almost had a heart attack. But it’s a very popular system here that seems to work for a lot of people. So we arranged to leave on a friday and return on Monday. On friday morning we met the driver at the train station which is about 10mins away from residents. His name was Nick young business guy, very difficult to communicate with considering he only knew german but we were able to manage. He worked in Germany but lives in Prague, so every weekend he drives home. Believe it or not but he’s been driving all sorts of different people to and from Germany and Prague for the past 3yrs. Considering that we just found out this info we were able to arrange a drive with him to go back to Germany which made our lives so much easier. So the big reason why people here seem to be using this option so much is because for me to go to Prague from Germany by train is about 186euros round trip and about 10+ hrs of traveling. With the carpooling system it was 60euros round trip and 6hrs of driving. At the end of the day your saving time and money. In my opinion this is such an amazing program that they have its safe, convenient and some people even do it as a their job. Since I was so happy with the experience and the pro’s that came out of it I will be taking this option more when I consider traveling.

Ok, Ok…… Prague Czech Republic!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the most beautiful places I have every seen in my life. If you love history and old architecture the way I do you will love Prague. The people there were very friendly if anyone seen that you were having a hard time with the map the way I did, they would go out of their way to help you which was really nice to see. Another great part of Prague was the Botels they had. Its pretty much a boat hotel on the lake. So what they had done was take old boat cabins and turn them into hotel rooms, which was very unique to see. Never thought I would be staying in a hotel room on the lake. Great memory that’s for sure. Well on saturday I did a walking tour around pretty much all of Prague. It was an 8hr tour and 9km of walking. Exercise of my life but well worth it. I was able to see all of the history and old story about Prague and how it became what it is today. One of the things I loved about Prague was the love in the air. On every single bridge that had bars couples would go there and out a lock with there names and anniversary engraved into the lock, lock it in to the bars and throw the key into the river. Meaning that there love would last a life time. Awwwwwww it was so nice……………. You can see it in one of my pics below.

Well I hope you guys enjoy the picture of my journey to Prague. My next trip starts tomorrow……… Tell you all about it on my next post….. 🙂ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

My experience in Germany



Guten Tag Everyone!!!!!!

Well, well where do I start. First thing I can say is I’m very happy I made the decision to come to Reutlingen Germany. The experience so far as been pretty amazing. I finally started all my classes about 2 weeks ago. I have to admit studying here is a little different from Centennial College but, I like the change. I live on residence which is one of the best places to stay for a student. The place where I am living is called the Aquarium, I live with 5 other girls from all different parts of the world and it’s really nice to meet other people from different countries. I’ve been in Germany for just over a month and experienced some amazing places and festivals. One of the place I’ve been to was Tubingen, it’s about 20mins away on train from Reutlingen. I hiked up one of the castles when I was there and the view of the city was breath taking but, the best thing that I have experienced here was Octoberfest. OMG!!!!!! I have no words for Octoberfest here in Germany.