First Week in Guangzhou: Chinese and North American culture

After spending the first week here in Guangzhou, I realized that there is a very gap between Chinese and North American culture. In Canada, people take their time doing everything, enjoying the nature etc. but here everyone is always in such a hurry.

One of the thing that is very different is when eating in food courts. Usually when we are done eating we empty the trays and stack them nicely on top of each other. However, in Guangzhou, we are suppose to just leave it in the table and someone will come and clean up the table once you leave. If you do try and clean it they will actually get mad at you!

First Day in Guangzhou!

First day in Guangzhou! First Impression:  it is actually very much like Toronto! A lot of apartments and shops. Everything is walking distance!

Here are some travel tips when coming to Guangzhou or actually traveling anywhere international:

1) Always get an aisle seat on the plane: you can get up and walk whenever you want that way you don’t need to bother the person next to you in order to get up

2) You should buy a neck pillow for when your on the plane. It really does help a lot!

3) When coming to china, always bring Canadian cash. DO NOT bring travelers checks. These people look at them as if they never seen one before! Took me about 1h to get everything done at the bank!