Winter Prom Night

Winter Prom Night is a huge event here in Reutlingen University.  Every December this event is held by the Student Association right before exam time for students to enjoy the before studying and before international students head back to their home Colleges/Universities.  The event is made for students to enjoy great German food and entertainment from their students.


“Winter Prom’s Menu”


“Winter Prom’s Stage”


The person on the left is Carlos and he is from Barcelona, Spain.


These two pictures are pictures of the International Students who were at Winter Prom Night.  There are a variety of international students in this picture.  There are students from Mexico, Spain, South America, Russia, China, Latvia, France, USA, and Canada.


Carlos is on the left and Sarah from Boston, USA is in the middle.


These are some of the semester 5 students who were involved in the organising part of the talent show.

First month in Germany!

Time is pass so fast! I’ve been came to Germany more than a month.

Last week, I suddenly think i should go to Paris for a short trip, so I booked my ticket on Friday. I booked a train ticket, because i love to see the views outside of the train.

I forgot it was Saturday, I can’t catch the bus on time, so i was too late to catch my train. So i changed it to the later one.  I met a professor in the train. He is a software professor, that’s his business trip.

I think I don’t like Paris, because there was too many little girls were trying to steal things from other people. a little girl tried to steal my money from my backpack, but I found it. She pretended nothing happened and looked at me. I walked to the police, and tried to scare her because of her atitute, but i actually didn’t tell anything to the police. She and her friend run away.

When I got in the train, many polices were holding the door, and asked the driver stop the train. Few girls walked out from the train tried to walk away, and police pointed to one of them, then the lady said “moi(me)?”. all the polices walked to them, and one of them said”yes, it’s her”. They started to search those few girls’ pockets and bags, before i found out what happened, the train started.

I went a church, that makes me felt sick. I went there with a friend, a group of people came to us, they were tried to tie those tiny ropes on our hands. They walked to me and tried to do it, I said” no, go away, or if you touch me, I am going to call the police!” They caught my friend, and my friend can’t run away. They tied those tiny ropes on his hand and asked him to pay. It’s 40 euros, then asked more, but my friend was just run away.

I was stay in Paris like one and a half day, for many times, those little girls and little boys were fighting in the subway. Honestly said, I am totally don’t like Paris.

I went back to Germany on Sunday night, because i have classes at every Monday. In class, my professor said he cancelled the class on Wednesday, and Thursday is holiday, I don’t have class on Tuesday and Friday. Guess what? I had a very long weekend!

Many friends asked me to go to Munich, because of the beer Fesitvel. I was kinda frustrated, because i can’t drink, so when everybody go to munich, I go to a little trip by myself.

One of my professor told me, there is no grade will be marked on the assignment he sighed to us, but if we don’t do it, we won’t pass the course.

I am kinda miss our student system in Centennial College. When I loggin CC, I can see every classes I had my personal time table, and I can see my email once i loggin my account. In Reutlingen University, it’s a lot complicated. There are many groups in our program, and each of your course will be in differen group. So image, you have to go to each group, and find your class! I think too many people had problem with that system, so at the end, they put each course in a paper which shows Internation students which class we are belong to.

Taking the classes in Germany, sometimes professors would use some German words which you might not undertood. But it doesn’t matter, you could asked your classmates or professor what’s that mean in English, they would explain to you.

I love the food in Reutlingen University. You have many choices every day, and the prices are also very cheap, but don’t forget to bring cash and put money into your student ID. It would have huge difference from using a student ID to pay you meal or not.
If you are a party lover, Germany is such a good place for you. I can tell, they have parties every week, and many activities. At the beginning, I was struggling to chose one of the parties to go, but later on, they won’t find me in any of those parties. I think life is too short for partying every day.

Trip to Lake Constance.


Sadina and me. A lady come from Russia. I like the green tower stand behind us.


Mandy and me. A lady from Belgium. We took a picture here, because we want to remember we were in this place ever.


It’s not easy to climb up to Munsterturm Konstanz, but we did it. It’s so beautiful, and we got lots of fun up there.


A classmate come from Spain. He is really nice. For many times, he would talk to me in Spanish, and then expain it in English.

We took this picture on the street in Konstanz.


Took this picture in the church.


We were waiting for a friend and took this picture for fun.


After our friend come back, we took this picture.


Mandy, Kata, Vivi, and me.

We took the ferry to Meersburg. We thought we were sitting in front of the boat, but it was the back of the boat.

I like Germany. I like all the people I met at here, they are so funny.