I was unable to figure this site out for the first 3 weeks here, so I apologize to everyone for late posts. This has been an incredible experience thus far and I’m just 3 weeks in. I have hundreds of pictures that I will be uploading throughout the next couple of days, to share my experiences so far. Also, feel free to ask any questions I will do my best to reply in a timely fashion.


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Denmark: Gumball 3000 in Copenhagen

Hello All,

Last weekend was the start of the Gumball 3000 Rally in Copenhagen, now I know a lot of you guys are saying what’s the Gumball? Well, Gumball is a rally where individuals (usually wealthy) pay a large sum of money to race from one city to another but they are checkpoints in between. It’s basically like ‘the amazing race’ car version but people anti up the stakes with quarter-million-dollar cars.


This vehicle came from Oman, in the middle east.


This vehicle came from India.


Many celebrities were there as well. The dudesons from MTV, Xzibit (Actor/Rapper) and Tony Hawk.


and finally…The car I came to see, The Koenigsegg CCXR. Truly my favourite and dream car. Less than 100 have ever been produced including all prototypes and publicity vehicles. That day I got to see two of them together. It was kind of like I was in a dream.

Here is me in my Batman shirt touch this vehicle. I spent hours looking at it.

and I’m also at the beginning of this video. You can see how excited I was.



Denmark – Hungary: Budapest

Hello All,

This past weekend might have been the best weekend I have had so far. I really don’t remember the last time I had as much fun as I did this long weekend.

A couple of my friends (I think 30 total) planned a trip to Budapest, Hungary…and when I say planned it was one of my good friends György who you may remember also accompanied me to the Nurburgring. He planned the whole thing to a T, and we just followed and boy am I glad we did.

Making arrangements for 5 people is hard enough, but to plan transportation, lodging, food and amusement for 4 days is hard work but luckily György is the man to do it. He loves doing it but on the trip he quietly told me it was stressful at times and I can totally understand that and I really want to thank him for all what he did and what he does for us.

We left on Friday, taking a train to Malmo, Sweden and then arrived to Budapest. We had arranged for a bus company to take us to a famous buffet restaurant in Buda(the city is divided into 2 areas), where we had excellent meal and I think the best since I have come to Europe for only $13. This included unlimited wine, beer, champagne, and freshly squeezed juices(this was my poison of choice). It’s called trófea and I highly recommend you check it out if your ever in this city.

After a that great meal, we caught a tram to Margaret Island where we could walk off our meals and sit in the shade around the trees that had already blossomed.


As the sung was setting, we caught another subway line to our hostel where some of stayed and some of us went on a night walk. They say if you haven’t seen Budapest at night, you haven’t seen the real Budapest and they were right. The city is so lively that even at 1 am there are more people on the streets then in 1 pm in Odense, Denmark. Image

Picture of our Hostel.

Over the next few days we saw parliament building, castles, a huge church and the worlds best marketplace as rated by the CNN.


Market place that is measured at 10K M^2, many shops here mainly meat deli’s on the bottom and souvenir shops at the top. The prices in the souvenir shop magically drop when you speak Hungarian.


I think George was telling us that this is the largest church in eastern Europe.


Myself standing in front of the world’s most beautiful parliament building and 3rd largest in the world. 1000 people work here it’s like a small village inside with shops, hair salons, post offices and restaurants. We got a inside tour and I can say that the inside is even more beautiful then the outside, 100 kilograms of gold was used for some of the portions.


We also did archery.


Saw Hosok Square, a tribute to the Magyar Kings who defended Hungary from invasion for over 1000 years.

ImageOn the castle.


Basically where every you looked you would see something amazing in Budapest. The temperature was perfect, the people were nice and I was surround with friend. It really was a amazing trip. I can post the 1000 more pictures I took but I don’t want to bring this site down.


And here’s the person that made it happen. Thank you George!

Written by: George

Copenhagen – Denmark

Last week I went to Copenhagen with ESN Odense, we had a great time. Our group split in two ways, you had a choice of either visiting castles or go see the monuments in Copenhagen and I chose to see the city.

ImageThis is the largest shopping street in the world(ref: guides), it spans over 2 km and has many expensive stores like Louis Vuitton, Rolex and Gucci etc..

ImageCountless courtyards like this throughout Denmark

ImageMyself on top of the “Round Tower”, the king of Denmark had this built in the 1700’s it provides you with a 360 deg. view of the entire city.(Sorry, I know you guys always see me in this jacket and ear muffs but the weather still warrants my wardrobe.)


The Queens palace, this is by far the best building/place I have been in Denmark thus far. We saw the changing of the guards and behind this place there is a beautiful church.



This is the monolithic church.

ImageHand painted dome was amazing.

ImageA picture from the tour boat we booked at Nyhaven, they also have really good coffee shops here and the great thing about the city is it’s littered with tourists.

ImageTo end off the two days we had in the city my friends and I went to the Copenhagen national museum to see a few exhibits, I particularly liked the viking history of Denmark.

Thank you for reading.

Written by: Hamza

Grundfos – Denmark


So this week was quite relaxed I really didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, there was a throat flu and cold that has been going around which I caught and I am free from and I went on a little trip but this weekend I spent on my bed relaxing as the rare sun was out and shining brightly in my room.

The little trip was to Grundfos World headquarters, Grundfos makes pumps and electric motors. Some of the best in the world, they are a market leader in making pumps and they have offices, factories and R&D facilities all around the world. They annual turn over is $4 Billion CAD. So it’s one of the biggest companies I have ever visited. It was a good visit, they showed us around the production facility and we met with two mechanical engineering managers who told us a little more about the future of the company and pumps they were designing in general.

Here are some pictures I took while I was there.


Thank you for reading,

Written by: Hamza

I Lærdansk and Kolding – Denmark


This week I started an evening course on Thursdays at Lærdansk-Odense. These are free language courses for students, immigrants and tourists planning to stay longer than 3 months. This is another example of why I am happy that I chose Denmark, their public/social services are comprehensive. Another example is a couple of weeks ago I received my yellow card which is basically sin card but with this sin card, I have access to services like being part of the Danish health system, job finding and other social services.


Pictured above is the Lærdansk-Odense building

Also this weekend I went to a city in Denmark called Kolding with some friends. We saw a Danish castle called Koldinghus and we went to a modern art museum.  It was actually a big group of friends and it was all organized through Facebook which we use a lot over here for all types of events and effective communication, for example, I also use Facebook to communicate with my group members for my project class and university uses Facebook for events and to send out information as well as their regular email service.

Here are a few pictures that we took around the castle and museum, also the castle had a museum in it with very interesting historical artifacts.


The castle doesn’t look very old but it’s been burned down and restored a few times but believe me it’s old.


I really did try to appreciate the modern art I was looking at but I just didn’t get it. There was also video art but that was in Danish and but even then I don’t think I would have got it.

One-piece did make me say wow though, this picture really doesn’t do it justice. If you took a seat and looked at it for longer then 30 seconds then you would think you were there, it looks so real and for some reason made you happy.


Well that’s all for this week.

Hej Hej,

Written by: Hamza

Hockey and a short clip

Hej Everyone,

This week I went to a hockey game Odense Bulldogs vs. Esbjerg EsB, it was very interesting to see how people play “European Ice Hockey”. I say that because it’s quite different how we play, maybe this was just how it’s played in Denmark but I found it to be more aggressive and less skillful, in that they were missing simple passes and seemed to skate slower. Also usually the whole line changed as opposed to changing player individuality.


This week I also prepared a little time lapse video of how I get to school on my bike, now I love this exchange program but as you’ll see. Denmark gets very little sun, it’s usually a shade of gray outside. Even though it’s colder in Canada right now, you guys get a full helping on Vitamin D. It may be a little darker in the video but that’s how it is here and I can’t wait for more sunlight hours.

Also the Circus was in town, I didn’t have time to check it out but there was a small display at the city mall so below is a little clip of a performer doing bike tricks.

Thank you for reading,

Written by: Hamza N

Fastelavn and War Ships – Denmark

Hej Everyone,

One of the reasons I chose to come to Denmark is by statistics the Danes are one of the happiest people in the world. I wanted to come to see why they were so happy, I am a firm believer in “Do what makes you happy, and do it for the rest of your life” concept. I came here to see if I could take some of this happiness away with me. I asked one of my group members in a class who is Danish, why he believes the Danes are so happy. He said “I am a 46 year old man, with a wife and three small children. The reason why I am happy is because I went back to school which I am being paid for, I can still support my wife who works and children and not have to worry about making a abundance for putting my children through school if they wish to go” I basically have translated this to he can do what makes him happy and do it for the rest of his life.

I was at a shopping center the other day and I saw these children dressed up costumes hitting a barrel with a stick. The barrel contained candy, it was like a costume themed birthday party at a store also known as the Nordic Halloween. This special day is called Fastelavn in Danish and it happens 7 weeks before Easter Sunday. Traditionally, they use to have a black cat in the barrel and knock the cat out of the barrel with sticks to safeguard themselves against evil. The child who knocked the cat out was crowned “Queen of Cats” and the child who broke the entire barrel after the cat was removed was crowned “King of Cats”. Now however they use candy and this holiday is very much enjoyed by small children.


The other day I went with my Danish friend to purchase a used microwave because my apartment didn’t have one and I finally had to get one after tirelessly cooking fresh food everyday.  On the way to the sellers house, my friend gave me a tour of the city the out skirts and it was quite nice of him but I had to tell him to pull over when I saw this.


This is a Dutch(Royal Netherlands Navy) off-shore petrol vessel, I have never seen a operating armed ship before and the sight of those 76mm Rapid Cannons was scary but interesting at the same time. Odense has a rich history in ship building and my friend told me that every summer they have a weekend where ships like this come from all over Europe and even Russia.

Also here is a cool video about the University of Southern Denmark.

Thanks for reading,

Written by: Hamza

My courses in Denmark 1/3

Hej Everyone,

Now that I’ve had my courses for a week now, I just give you guys a update on what I experienced. This will be part one of a three part report I want to do on studying here in Denmark. Part two will be for the middle of the courses and part three will be for my ending conclusions.

I guess I’ll start with what I’m doing, so from my introduction you know that I’m Mechanical Engineering in Centennial College and I am actually doing the same over here, as a semester 4 University Student but there are some courses which are 5th and 6th semester so I pretty evenly layered with what I would have been doing back home.

These are the courses I am taking

Project Management X-PMA1

What I learn in this course:

– Develop teamwork in working groups
– Behave and act as a team player.
– Do a formulation of the company’s: Mission, goals and strategy.
– Assess the basis organisation and a project organisation in a company.
– Behave and act as a project manager
– Analyse a project and its elements
– Do planning and description of a project.
– Identify and implement the four aspects of a project: The technical, the   organisational, the business and the political aspects
– Make the main plan of a project.
– Do detail planning and follow-up in Gantt, Network and PMS.
– Do the budgeting and follow up as a part of project management.
– Do project risk management
– Do successive calculation of the budget and schedule
– Use a contract concept for buying in projects

My Initial Review: Really nice teacher with a lot of industry background, we started the class by the teacher introducing himself and then we introduced ourselves, after we learned about some HR techniques about talking to employees for different situations and then we got into our groups to do some problem solving for the discussed situations.

Project Supervision X-P-ME2

What I learn in this course:

– Project work, focused around automation, renewable energy, mechanical design, robotics or other areas
– Project analysis, problem formulation, idea generation, concept development, design, documentation and assessment
– Project planning/Project management
– Exercises with Pro/Engineer and Pro/Mechanica
– Exercises with Pro/PDM Link and Pro/Project Link
– Exercises with ANSYS Classic and ANSYS Workbench
– Exercises with Rapid Prototyping and Material Testing
– Evaluation of analytical results
– Study independently

My Initial Review: The first class we actually got into our groups for the semester and decided on a project, the there was 3 groups made(some people were missing that day) and there was 5 projects offered. The rule was there was only 1 international student allowed in each group so I joined a group with 4 Danes, I didn’t like any of the projects offered so one of my group members made a call to local ship engineering firm and I can’t believe how open companies are to helping students. They actually gave us a project! Our mission is to see if a curved rudder design will improve efficiency within a ship’s design. This specific firm is designing two of the largest ships in the world and we are going to be a part of that(this blows my mind). By a stroke of luck, there is a testing basin for similar design that we can use in our university and there is a 3D printer(actually two) that we can use to model the design. So I have really have high hopes for this project.

Part 2 of this class

FEA/FEM: Finite Element in Engineering, in layman’s terms: We use computer to model designs and get information. Simple example, if we push this button 1000 times, how hot will it get and when will it break. A computer can this without actually having to do it, but there is a slight margin of approximation.


Above is some FEA stuff.

Internal Combustion Engines(ICE) X-ICE1

What I learn in this course:

– The kinematics of the ICE
– The thermodynamic basics of the ICE
– The layout of the ICE (bore and stroke)
– Ignition and controlling of the combustion within the ICE
– Injection of the fuel
– Reduction of pollution from the ICE
– The gas dynamics within the ICE
– Turbo- or supercharging of the ICE
– Dimensioning of the parts within the ICE
– Lubrication of the ICE
– Cooling of the ICE
– Vibration phenomena within the ICE

My Initial Review: If you’ve been following my posts until now, you know how much I love cars, so this course for me is AMAZING. The teacher is really cool and we were talking about Carburetors, Fuel Injection and GDI on the first day. I hope I learn everything I can from this course and apply it wherever I can, this is one course I can’t wait to have every week.

Structural Vibrations X-VIB1

What I learn in this course:

– Establish the governing differential equations of the analysed system (Newton’s second law of motion, Lagrange equation etc.)

– Stiffness and flexibility matrices
– Modal matrices
– Damping of vibrating systems
– Transverse, longitudinal and torsional vibration

My Initial Review: This is probably going to be the most challenging course I have, I actually knew that even before I came as I heard how hard it was going to be but I need this course in order to achieve a certain skill requirement so I will put as much effort and time as it requires. We received a problem the first day(two days ago) and I am still thinking about how to solve that problem, tomorrow is Sunday and I have arranged for a study group to tackle the problems our teacher has given us.

Study Customs in Denmark:

  • We refer and address the teacher by their first names and no title is given.
  • Classes here are 3.5 hours long, we take 10 minute breaks every 1 hour
  • Eating is allowed, now eating something small and drinking water may be allowed in some of your classes but over here it’s very different. I have seen students actually bring a two or three course meal to class, complete with condiments and drinks(coffee or soda)
  • There is in-class work for all classes, it could be a presentation, group assignment or individual questions but there is always some time at the end of the class to do work.

Differences I’ve seen:

These are not really customs but it’s something I’ve seen differ from education back in Canada.

  • Students here are of all age groups, it seems to be a normal trend that you don’t have to directly go to post secondary institution after completing high school, you can work for some time and then go and you can change carrier paths and go again. I guess it’s not hard if your being paid to go to school.
  • There seems to be, especially in my circle of friends that do a graduate or doctoral level in their field. I have very few friends in North America that are even considering this, I think for us it has to come with some financial reward but in Denmark I people just love to learn and can do it without any major financial difficulties.

Apologies for the long post, but this was one of the more important ones.

Take Care!

Written by: Hamza N.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that with our team projects, we get our own room with a code that we can only open, I thought this was quite amazing to say the least. My group members are bringing things like coffee makers and a microwave so we can work productively and even live there because the whole school stays open 24/7…but I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.