It felt like home…

This opportunity was completely amazing! How often you have the chance to go to a wonderful country to learn about your program and at the same time share with your classmates. My Global Experience was in the beautiful Dominican Republic. My trip started with nostalgia, the first time that I saw Dominican people, the sun, the landscape, I immediately remembered home. I did not expect that everything was so similar to my home country but I was there experiencing the warmth and happiness of the people, eating delicious food, and allowing me the opportunity to reconnect with my roots.

We stayed in an eco-lodge; the cabins were very particular, very artisanal. We share our space with many animals, it was like finding this balance to coexist with these interesting creatures. Our schedule was very fascinating, every day we did something different but always related to our program. When you have the opportunity to see the things that people are doing for their community, you feel motivated. It was a shot of reality but also an appreciation for the work of these human beings. Although we are kilometres away from them, the goal is still the same. To contribute to our society no matter the context, the country, the people, the approach. Every effort impacts positively on the community. This experience gave me another perspective of life and it was a reminder of why I decided to come to Canada, to study a profession that is oriented to the social field. The truth is that I am not here just for my benefit. I am here also looking for a better life for my family and my community.

Being there and having the opportunity to share with my classmates and professors is the other aspect that I will always keep in my heart. You realized how amazing people are. I learned from the community, I learned from my professors, I learned from my classmates. These people were an open book that offered me the opportunity to grow spiritually and intellectually next to them. This experience brought the best of us, the support that was given from each other is invaluable. This experience was the opportunity to reconnect with your roots, with your peers, with your thoughts, and your inner child.

Marian Torres

Community Development Work 

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