“La Belleza de Republica Dominicana”

        The Dominican Republic is situated in the center of the Northern Caribbean on the island of Hispaniola, occupying the eastern it occupies at least 2/3 of the eastern part of the island with Haiti to the west. In spite of being known for its astonishing beaches and natural resources, the country is still developing. We stayed in Puerto Plata and had the chance to see their development economically, basically from being left behind due to lack of workforce and some support as well as the migration of the community people into other places for greener pastures.

      During the journey, we had our chances to experience the new activities that are still on the process of developing such as the hike and trails that lead you a paradise of running water with falls, which will attract the tourist who loves going on a hike and exploring new routes, or even locals who want to see the new activities within their area. The place has a lot more to offer, you will also get to see the amber mining where the residents express their art and crafting skills in polishing the amber from stones into jewelry.

     Moreover, the “COFFEE EXPERIENCE” will give you deeper thoughts of how does your everyday morning boost was prepared and made and in an artisan way, ( which means traditional roasting, grinding, and brewing of coffee) this kind of program exist now only to promote tourism in the area but to help the coffee farmers and the region regain its balance in terms of the environmental disequilibrium (rivers decreasing water level due to deforestation and cattle farming). Tourists were asked to plant coffee beans (that will be given to the people around the area for them to grow) and after that, they will experience the step by step processes in making the BEST COFFEE in Puerto Plata, with Doña Juana and Rolando.

      The learning I’ve acquired during this trip does not end on lectures and doing debriefing but as well as in the aspect of respecting different cultures, opinions and perspectives and being open for who you really are.

Photo gallery of the good people we have encountered along the journey:

© Rita de Casia Villafranca David

Student no.: 301088827 (CDEV 2021) 



 Gallery #2:

Short video about the trip:




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