PERU: Beautiful country with kind people


Being part of FLIP #centennial_sage was a huge honour, a big thanks to #centennialcollege for providing this opportunity. Applied our knowledge and experience to implement #prerequisiteprograms for a pilot plant IESTP, ILLIMO. It was a great experience which helped me to learn technical as well as personal skills as working with a group of 10 students from different countries with different ideas is never easy but this is how you learn #teamwork. Besides this, a warm welcome by our Peruvian partners made our willingness for our project stronger. Also, we visited museums, beaches and a number of manufacturing plants which added a lot of fun. Received the certification of recognition for all of our teamwork and also raised funds from our group for students as a scholarship after going through an emotional discussion about the poverty and passion of Peruvian children for education. The trip was an overall mixture of education, fun and a lifelong rememberable global experience.

Mankiran #sagejourneys


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