FLIP Peru, Pre-departure Excitement​

Only 24 hours before leaving Toronto for the exciting adventure that awaits in Illimo, Peru. I never thought that in my last semester of Food Science Technology I would have the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge at Centennial College and even more at an international level.  Everything is almost packed up, and the expectations are only arising. There are no words to explain how grateful I am to be part of this journey that starts tomorrow.  It does feel amazing being a Centennial College student and have been given the opportunity to explore another country and on top of that learning and adding professional as well as academic experiences that in the future will be interesting stories to tell. Although I am excited, I am trying to keep my assumptions to the limit, so that everything in Peru will be surprising rather than upsetting for not fulfilling any unrealistic assumptions I could have.

I am super excited about what are we going to live and learn in Peru, and will ever be grateful for being part of this Global Experience.

Peru, off we go!

by Jenny San Juan

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