Memories of Melbourne

In October, I got the chance to travel to Melbourne to experience the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnic’s biannual conference, this year focusing on preparing for the future, now.  People from all over the world had different takes on how to help prepare students for the future of work as technology transforms the workplace. To get the chance to not only hear brilliant speakers like Stephen Murgatroyd and Ann Buller, but also meet people from all over the world was a joy.

Attending the main conference instead of the youth camp was nerve wracking, but the chance to talk with and hear the thoughts of some of the global trail blazers of post secondary education was one that I couldn’t pass up. Going into the conference, I was unsure of my place in it as a student, but as time went on and I talked and listened to the people around me, I learned so much about colleges and how I can improve myself as a student for the future.

What really impressed me though is the effort that TAFE (Technical and Further Education) Australia put into making the event a success. Many of there institutions were open for visits, and the thought and care that everyone from the director of the college to the students who were catering to various events throughout the conference. From the awards ceremony and there fashion show to the workshops, everything felt masterfully organized, and as a student it was really impressive to see people my age involved in setting up an event of this scale.

One really great thing that SaGE gave me was the chance to go places where I’ve never been! Melbourne is beautiful, and luckily for me I didn’t find any of Australia’s famous(and deadly) wildlife. From the coffee to the hiking trails to the convention centre where the conference took place, my week in Melbourne was an absolute blast and I’m so grateful that I got the chance to experience it.

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