Sage Global Experience-2018 New York Ad week!

By: Jane Kim- 3rd year Advertising and Marketing Communication Management Student.

The event I have been waiting for, since the first day as an Advertising student in Centennial College, has finally arrived. It was finally my turn to participate and enjoy the New York Ad Week of 2018.

New York Ad Week 2018 was held on Oct 1st to Oct 4th, normally it would be impossible to attend the event since it is held in the middle of our school year, however, because Ad Week was one of the optional criteria for Advertising students at Centennial College, number of students including myself were able to attend the event. In addition, thanks to Sage Global Experience, we were able to get our trip payment covered!

And so, the wonderful 5 days in the world’s capital for advertising began!

I was headed to New York on September 30th with 3 of my amazing fellow Advertising students in Centennial College. We were all very excited, but even more so myself, it had been more than 10 years since I last visited New York, which made the trip exceptionally exciting. We found an Airbnb in New Jersey, and when we first entered the apartment, we were amazed by how pretty and clean the suites were.

My favorite spot of our Airbnb living room



Now that our base camp for trip turned out to be a beautiful place, it was now time to enjoy New York City!  Our Airbnb was located in New Jersey, therefore, we had some travelling to do. First step was to ride the PATH train to World trade Center. We definitely had the “tourist” vibe, and we initially had trouble purchasing the PATH train tickets. Thankfully, one of the workers from the station taught us from A to Z on everything we needed to know. (He even gave us a free Path Pass for us to load! Thank you!). From the World trade Center, we rode the New York subway line to get to the famous Time Square. The Time Square that I remember from the memory as a little girl and the Time Square that I saw as a college student was drastically different. The Time Square that I saw in this trip was full of amazing performers and unique charms of individuals. And obviously, the advertisements in billboards were breathtaking. And while I was admiring at all the advertisement, I made a promise to myself, that one day I would have my own advertisement displayed right here.

Everywhere was bright and pretty -@Time Square

Oct 1st-  First day of New York Ad Week!

It was here! Our first day of Ad week. We all got ready early in the morning, and headed off to Lincoln Square Center on 66th street!

Exciting moment!

As we got in, there were tons of different brand vendors that provided opportunities to not only observe their ideas but also to taste, play, learn about their ideas.

Fun Experiences!

Top 4 Seminars from Ad week

Day 1: Marvel and the power of podcast in storytelling for brands

“Powerful Weapon is Silence”-Chris Bannon (Chief Content Officer of Stitcher)

This seminar was one of the most memorable seminars that I have been to. As marvel’s big fan myself, and also a big fan of podcasts and audio books, it was very interesting. The few key takeaways were that Marvel defines themselves as a storytelling community, and podcasting has been on the rise as a new form of storytelling in the last 10-20 years. Although my main concern regarding this idea was the fact that audios cant deliver Marvel’s famous graphics that illustrate character’s actions, it was very interesting for the team to utilize silence as one of the powerful tools in creating suspense and excitement. For example, in their Wolverine podcast, when the protagonist Logan is in the middle of an intense suspenseful scene, they will use nothing but silence to provide the tension that would normally be expressed through drawings in a comic book. According to the team, silence can provide audiences with different types of intensity and imagination. Also, it was also fascinating that there are about 12 layers of sound files to create a sniffing sound. This shows how much extreme details are put together for a creation of every Podcasts. For advertising, they tend to produce motion graphics for social media. Also, have incorporate about 2 pre-roll advertisement and 2 mid-roll advertisement during one episode of their podcasts.

Day 2: Memeology- The New Digital Language 

“Meme is way of communication that carries our ideas”-Joe Federer (Brand Strategy at REDDIT)

I enjoy watching memes around the internet, and would relate to some of them and often have a good laugh. The work behind creation of all these memes were very fascinating. They started the presentation with the origin of the word “Meme”. It came from Richard Dawkins’  book called “The Selfish Gene” and the book states that, “A meme is a basic unit of idea and gene is the basic unit of DNA”. Just simple white background with black bold words on a picture or screenshot of a scene from a movie can express many human expressions, which further more results in expressing human reactions,  or the entire situation and ideas. Meme looks very simple at a glance, however, there are so many psychology and details involved that bring people’s emotions together.


Day 3: The Jump with Will Smith: One Iconic Storytellers Journey of Reinvention & Connection

“Nothing is valuable than your gut”-Will Smith (Actor, producer)

Will Smith was an absolutely inspiring person, who showed his passion and love towards his life and his job.  He believed that creativity is always evolving at that even if you are a successful movie star, moving towards with the trend is always very important. He believes that people have to be in tune with current trends and ideas. For example, just few years ago, good trailer for a movie used to be very important, however nowadays, people’s reactions on social media tweeting about the movie became more important in promoting a film. He also talked about methods of storytelling, and he claims that high quality storytelling automatically leads to receiving large attention. Life lesson can simply come from storytelling. During the seminar, he told many inspiring stories, and three of my favorite was, “Nothing is valuable than your gut”, “Be a better you for everything”, and “Don’t run from the pain, that is the greatest story”. I can easily say that I learn the most in his presentation.

Day 4: The Value of Activating Brave

“Important to go from marketing operator to company collaborator”- Clayton Ruebensaal (Global brand Management and design of American Express)

Lack of clarity in brand activation has always been a problem, and that was the one thing that consumers have always wanted fixed. To do that, the process of solving problems inside the company needed to change significantly. Aligning operation and marketing was the key. Also, the company had to go from marketers to company collaborator. To build a good brand, changing how the company works is most important step to take. That is the new way to activate the brand. This seminar had more real life information, that made us as a future advertisers to really get ready for what is expected in the industry today. The things that they said were not all magical, but rather very real. And I believe that this seminar was what I really needed to hear before getting myself into the real world work environment.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Night Walk at Central Park

The streets of New York was beautiful and also very busy. Everywhere I look, I wanted to take a photo, and cherish the moment. The landscapes and buildings were very interesting. The two memorable places that I went was, The METS, and Central Park. I am never usually interested in museums but The Metropolitan Museum changed my perspective. It was beautiful, and fascinating. I absolutely want to go back, and look at all the items displayed thoroughly. The night walk at the Central Park was absolutely amazing as well. I was bitten by a lot of Mosquito, but still, the feeling of walking in a forest in the middle of one of the greatest cities on earth made it all worthwhile. It was like an Oasis inside a busy city. It was relaxing and it gave me time to rest my mind, and just take in the nature.


Thanks to SAGE Centennial and Advertising Community of Centennial College, I was able to experience so much from New York, and learn many inspiring lessons that have changed my thoughts about work and life. If it was not for this opportunity, I would have been missing out on so much aspects of my career. This was my first trip as a grown up, and I was able to appreciate its every moment. If I could recommend this trip to others, it would take me days to explain why an opportunity like this would be one of the greatest decisions for anyone to make.

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