Smart Sustainable Cities FLIP – Turku, Finland

20180819_053312.jpgThis summer I travelled alongside a few other students from Centennial College to Turku, Finland for the Smart Sustainable Cities program arranged by Turku University of Applied Sciences. The program hosted 23 students not just from Canada and Finland, but from all over the world. The students here were also from multiple disciplines, including architectural, environmental, business and energy, collaborating together to combine a vast collective knowledge from these different places and disciplines to come up with ideas of how civilization will continue to evolve. The courses were very intensive, introducing professionals from different industries to educate and challenge our knowledge of what is and what could be. ssopiskelijat.jpg__678x300_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscale.jpg

On many of the afternoons and weekends, the University offered many social programs that allowed us to see their country well beyond the classroom, visiting a few islands on the baltic sea, Skanssi Shopping Centre, museums and historic sites of Turku, as well as a day in Helsinki. These social programs brought together a great number of people from the different summer courses that the University was offering, allowing us to meet many people from many places.20180826_174014.jpg All in all, my time spent in Finland was fantastic. The program offered by Turku University of Applied Sciences was a unique opportunity, granting great knowledge to all those who participated. The country is beautiful with an intriguing history. I thank Centennial College for making my participation in this program possible, and professors Connie Zehr and Arun Hor for joining us and supporting our travels!

-Brad Shedlock

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