Pamplona, Spain – My Global Experience – August 29th, 2018

I  had a great experience learning Spanish again in beautiful Pamplona, Spain, at the University of Navarra. This was my first Global Experience through Centennial College, for which I am so happy and grateful that I was one of many students selected to represent Centennial College and Canada.  On Orientation day, the first day, we were given an overview of the program and what to expect. – which was  a very intense 2 week program. The professors were all very warm and welcoming. This was what impressed me the most – the warmth of the people – just like the August weather,  proud of their culture and history, coupled with a very cool lifestyle. Very relaxed and stress free one.  This is what i like – the Spaniards  enjoy siesta everyday, which most likely contributes to their happy disposition.

The architecture is amazing, one to behold, particularly the many cathedrals where you can  also visit the museums which is very cool indeed, and the many castles, to behold,  which makes the architecture so unique and historic. To leave you breathless and in awe.

our of  As was very noporud of their coola cool culrue , which was very impressive. It was as though we  impressive way how the program was e were divided up into our propesective classes and asked to describe ourselves in aobut 2-3 paragrpahs. Vast beauty and greneyr.  on our first field trip to  i was azamed at the vast moutnas adn greenery of this northern town

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