Orientation, class, and dorm life

The first photo is taken from the 4th floor in one of the buildings on campus.


Our orientation gave us information on classes, tutors, assignments, and a walking tour of the whole school. It was very informative and gave us a chance to ask any questions that we had about the program. orientation

One aspect that I love about this program, is that we got paired up with tutors that could help us if we ever needed it. Below are some photos with some of the amazing tutors we got to work with.


Before starting classes, I was extremely nervous that I would fall behind. Luckily, classes started from the basics of the Japanese language and worked up from there. I can confidently say that each class was informative and fun! The classes definitely helped me with being able to survive basic conversations to survive in Japan.

school stuffclass

If I can give any piece of advice towards living in the dorms, it is to go out and meet people! I met so many people, including locals and other international students, whom I plan to keep in contact with for the rest of my life.



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