Activities through the University

Below is a photo was taken of all the SIP students, the university tutors, TA’s, and others involved in making this amazing experience happen! This photo was taken in the i-lounge, which is a hot spot at the university to meet new people, get help with homework, and to relax!


The university had many things planned for us throughout our SIP. Here are a few things that we did (this is only a few of the MANY things that we got to do):

  1. Kimono experience at the Shirotori Garden

During this experience, we were able to choose patterns for a kimono that we would like to wear. The school had experts come in to dress us in the kimono in a proper manner. After, we took a walk through the beautiful Shirotori garden. The school gave us the option to purchase our kimonos after, which was discounted to a very reasonable price! Almost every student bought theirs to take home!

group tuffz


cxkimono group

2. Visit the Toyota commemorative museum


3. Karate Class

The University brought in a highly trained Karate instructor for us to learn from. Two young boys who had black belts also came in to demonstrate. It was an amazing experience, and I would love to learn more karate in the future!


4. Shibori Workshop

During our Shibori experience, we had the option of many different patterns and colours. Before the workshop, our group had a walking tour of different shops that created and sold shibori. shibori.jpg

5. Homestay experience

Let me tell you… This was one of the most amazing experiences I have from this program. Homestay experience allows you to live with a family for two nights. You get to experience what it is actually like to live in a home as a Japanese citizen. My homestay was absolutely amazing. I got to experience Osu, Sakae, and one of the oldest and largest castles in Japan.


6. Kawaii Monster Cafe

This was another special treat from Nagoya Gakuin University. It was such a cool experience.

monsterkawaiimore monsterfood



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