Global Experience Belgium!

From June 30 – July 14 I took part in the Alcohol and Beverage Capstone Project at the Artevelde University College in Ghent, Belgium.

This project was to create a marketing strategy for Ærø Brewery located in Denmark to enter successfully in Belgium’s Alcohol and Beverage market.


The program was a mix of Denmark, Belgium and Canadian students using all of our different educational backgrounds to apply it to marketing to make this organic beer line succeed in Belgium.


I started to learn that Belgium looked at beer as a culture and they enjoyed local beer products. There were many different types of beers to taste and we got the opportunity to see how beer was produced from Dorval, De Halve Maan, Gruut (local breweries). A small group of students had an opportunity to visit the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam.764aea3d-83da-4294-abcf-ec9a90be763e

I loved seeing how beer was more to individuals than just being a liquor, but rather, it brought people together given the fact that it was allowed and sold everywhere. I loved how beer had so many different types to enjoy and was loved by everyone differently. In the midst of learning about beer in Belgium, I also got to know the students better that were on the trip as the week progressed. The trip was filled with diverse students from different part of the world which made the trip more inviting to learn about different cultures and ethics.


I left with two favourite things Duvel beer and Bitterballen.

I would like to thank Centennial College Sage department for giving students the opportunity to interview and be selected for a journey to change their global understanding and be able to grow the students skillset.  I had a wonderful time in Belgium and truly believe international experience is an asset to any individual living in a diverse community and wanting to become part of a worldwide business network.


Written by: Maegan. S 
The Business School - Business Administration- Entrepreneurship

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