The experience of the trip has started on the plane as it has taken us 14 hours to arrive. Each hour was passing, I felt that it was talking about the differentiation and the new things that we’re going to experience, such as, food, culture, society, language, Shops, tourist places, social media, technology, and the business companies that we visited it.

IMG_0396On the second day, we went to meet with the other members of Centennial College in Suzhou greeting us with a warm welcome. We saw a show of a nice unusual opera that they create, dance and song between man and women, dressed in costume for a masquerade.

Then we meet with our Chinese buddies to share information about the country, know more about young people in China and share some Chinese food at lunchtime together. Also, we had some lectures at Centennial College by Chinese instructors explaining Chinese society, and the accelerated development in terms of technology and business in China.

The next following days were more exciting and enjoyable when we start interacting more with the natural and traditional things in China. We went to two different parks, museums, traditional shops, Suzhou Centre, expiation, restaurants, museum, and the Tower.

We also went into the Orient Pearl Tower (468 m) and have pictures of the city from its glasses floor. Indeed, the view in front of the tower in Shanghai at night with the lighten building, that change in colours, and the colourful modern ship crossing the dark lake at the night, and the moon in the sky this moment was the time when we can say that “A picture tells a thousand words”. We were exploring that from the restaurant as it is the best place to have an enjoyable dinner in this view.


Suzhou Shop Centre was an enormous building designed attractively. There were the longest electronic stairs that cross over two floors. The shop centre has 168 restaurants that were full of people more than the shops itself.

20180506_182643 (1)

The traditional old building with a roof made of stone with four high sharp sides on each level that looks as lofty, surrounded with green and colourful grass and flowers it was all picturesque.

20180513_164835 (2)

Also, the traditional shops in Shanghai have special pieces of arts and new useful products that people would love to own one of them at least.


Also, the museum in the tower that comprises an exhibition of large natural pictures and it shows wax replica people at work, house, and in court.


Industrial Suzhou Park was a new incredible experience to see.


They illustrate their information about the country developing stage and forecasting statistics for the future of the industry, business, and technology. All that was shown on maps made of 3D modelling provided with a special design and light to make it remarkable. One of the things that they have done is that they had illustrated Suzhou map by building small different buildings on the floor with the same design as it is in reality. A person was explaining about each part of the city and each specific part will radiate with colourful lights while his explaining about it.

mmexport1525475762565 (2)As China is a combination of historical and modern cities, we visited the Humble Administration Garden which has a history of over 1000 years.

mmexport1525616152457On the day that we were travelling back, we rode in the express train on the speed of 300km per second. Where the place that will take 20 minutes to arrive, it will take just 3 minutes on this train!

Furthermore, the ten different companies that we luckily visited it.


Black & Dakar and Samsung where both are smart manufacturing companies that integrate the power and the intelligence of people and machines together to achieve its massive production goals. For example, it was incredible to believe that Samsung Company produces 1000 laptops per day where each laptop will take them just in 3 minutes to produce!

CCBC, and Government of Canada that both had provided us with more information about the market, export, import, and some business rules for an international company interring its business in China.

Naked Hub, which is a sharing co-working space, shared by business members and entrepreneurs. People can meet with them to discuss their business to reduce the risk while interring the market in China.

20180508_160336 (1)

We also visited the famous W hotel that is made of luxury materials such as the colourful velvet, and the silk walls. Adding to its high service to customers with all the facilities and the outstanding overlooking of Suzhou lake and shop center.

Another organization was Shoutout. It is an event planning company that tries to maximize the inventory in the city. It gathers people and invites celebrities to promote different new brands and small businesses in China to support them.

In Fashion Shard Company, they explain to us more about the social media that is different from ours. People rely on social media and do everything on some apps such as WeChat, that has more than 500 million followers, Weibo, and Alibaba where people can book their plane, restaurant, pay their payment to the bank, connect with other and see the news and the pictures of the celebrities, so they can dress and eat the same thing as them and show their friends proudly.

TongZhou, that sells their products on Amazon. We had to choose a product from them and explain it in our own words to help them sell it on Amazon shortly and efficiently.

mmexport1525436275439 (1)

Hong Country Embroidery Company produces fancy silk cloth with a unique design made accurately and efficiency.

Visiting those companies have added an effective value to our trip. Learning from them some new comprehensible in terms of business in China which was all beneficial to know especially for a new company entering the market in China.

Before the last day, we had to submit our reports and do our presentation about a Canadian company that each group has chosen to analyze all the factors, SWOT, the 4Ps related to this company while interring the market in China.

Thanks to all of the facilities from Centennial College in Canada and in China providing us with a great service to enjoy the trip. Also, thanks to our professors Linda and Justin supporting us there. I am also grateful to Centennial College giving me this great opportunity to visit China and experience new things.

Published by: Satvik Bajaj 
The Business School

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