GCELE Kenya: An unforgettable experience.

The world is a big place and people love to see it in person. With all of the exotic locations that international travelling offers, it was surprising for my friends when I told them that I have chosen to apply for Kenya. Outside of that bubble you will find a proud cultural heritage, warm-hearted local people and incredible landscape that will stop you in the moment. National reserves, unforgettable safari, Maasai warrior and kids– these are the main things that I will always remember about my time in Kenya.

Finally, the day arrived when we all gathered at the airport before departure. I was feeling curious, excited, nervous and lonely. There were so many things going on in my mind at that moment. Most of us didn’t know each other before. Took a 15 hours in-air journey to reach Nairobi. Now, I was getting nervous and a little bit of helpless while wondering, how will I as a part of team would be able to contribute when I have never been part of such project before? We took 7 hours journey following day and reached our destination, Ol Pajeta Bush Camp, Laikipia region near a village names Nanyuki.

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