Omar’s Farm

Omar's farm.png

GCELE – Cuba “Food Security”

In the 2nd day of the project, I had a chance to visit a farm where belongs to Mr. Omar. He was an amazing person that I have met. We were guided to see the farm with a lot of crops, beside that he is also developing a breeding farm with rapids, chicken and pigs. Mr. Omar is really dedicated with his farm by not stop learning new knowledge from the other countries and hence he did not hesitate to share what he learned to the farmers in Cuba. He said that he would always share what he learned to help the other farmers to develop their farm; hence everyone will have more healthy food and a better life. I learned that being selfish does not make life easier or happier. Sharing experiences to the others that also mean to learn and receive new things from the others when they give you their knowledge, feedbacks, and new perspectives.

He was presenting about a liquid culture that is Effective Microorganisms (EM). They include the photosynthesizing bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and fermenting fungi. He knows how to make EM what are mixed cultures of beneficial naturally occurring organisms. EM has incredible applications such as increasing the microbial diversity to soil ecosystem. It has been proved that EM is benefit for soil, plant growth, cleaning, yield (, 2016). In his farm, he does not use chemical components to feed crops or animals, or does not have Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) productions. In addition, he also introduced about biogas composition from waste productions of animal, plant, or food that is helpful to protect the environment from pollution. He uses many resources and materials to recycle such as old water bottles; old pines and even used pumping machine then recreated a water pump. These works contributed a huge impact on the environment positively.

I would never forget these days in Cuba; I had been so much amazing moments about people, families, communities and particularly the country. Cuba is a beautiful country where are very hospitable, kind, and happy.

– Written by Thi Huyen Anh Nguyen

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