Cuba 2017

cuba 2

Cuba vs. Canada

            I was born and raised in Canada and have never lived anywhere else. I have travelled out of Canada before but usually stayed in resorts thus not experiencing what the foreign country truly had to offer. My whole life I thought Canada was perfect if individuals would share their thoughts of leaving Canada I would find it absurd. Cuba changed my views on Canada it made me realize Canada is not as perfect as I thought. Before arriving in Cuba I made my assumptions of the country. I thought Cuba was very poor, the quality food must not be as good, poor access to hot water, and possibly uneducated individuals. I was so wrong about Cuba. Cuba has many advantages that Canada lacks and vice versa. Below I made list comparing Cuba and Canada.


  • Free education from junior kindergarten to PhD
  • Healthcare is free
  • Dental care is free
  • No processed foods
  • Fruits, vegetables, and meat are all fresh
  • Beautiful weather
  • Very minimal advertising
  • Cubans are very sharing and giving
  • Less stress
  • Houses are controlled by the government thus there are no homeless people
  • Pay is the mostly the same for any job thus an individual can truly follow his/her passion
  • Communist/ very controlled by the government
  • Less freedomcuba 6cuba 4cuba 5cuba.png


  • Post-secondary education is not free, students graduate with debt
  • Health care is free
  • Dental care is not free without benefits
  • Many fast food restaurants/processed foods
  • Fruits, vegetables, and meat are not fresh/ Organic goods are expensive
  • All 4 seasons are experienced
  • A lot of advertising
  • Canadians can be very materialistic
  • More stress
  • A lot of homelessness present in cities such as Toronto
  • Jobs in Canada go by demand and as money is a big factor an individual may not follow their true passion (e.g., nursing is a more stable profession with a steady source of income compared to a dancer).
  • Liberal government
  • More freedom

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