Cuban Experience: Fun Facts!

fun facts cuba pic

In my previous posts about the Cuban permaculture GCELE, I talked about the history and permaculture movement of Cuba, our life working on a farm for a few days with local Cuban students Cuban Experience: History, Permaculture, Farm Life and the living arrangement and co habitation with peers aspect of the experience Cuban Experience: Casa de Cariño and Co- Habitation. After an amazing 10 days in Cuba, a lot of information and knowledge was absorbed. I had been to Cuba a few times in my life before this experience and there was still many aspects of the culture and country that I didn’t know. Below is a list of a few fun facts that I learned on this trip that I found would be interested to share. If you haven’t been to Cuba yet, make it a destination on your list!

Fun Facts we learned in Cuba:

  • Cashews come from fruit! Cubans always throw away the cashew nut and only eat the fruit.
  • In Cuba when someone is being applauded they always join in the applause.
  • Students in Cuba get their education completely free from kindergarten to a PHD.
  • Uniforms for school are free. All students wear a uniform to school. There are 3 colours for 3 different stages of school: Red- Primary, Yellow-Junior High, Blue- High School.
  • Dentistry and medical services are free to Cubans
  • Students are provided with free lunch meals at school
  • Medical students from all over the world come to Cuba for their studies
  • It takes 6 years the become a doctor in Cuba
  • An affordable way to travel to Cuba outside of the ‘all inclusive resort’ option is to rent a room. Many Cuban families are now opening their homes to guests abroad. You stay and their home for a small nightly fee and (almost always) the family provides you with a home cooked meals.

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