10 days in Cuba..


What do you think of when you first hear the country’s name, Cuba? Beaches, resorts, vacation, relaxing… I had the opportunity to visit this incredible country and enrich my mind with knowledge and gain invaluable experience not only about permaculture, but also about Cuban history, student education, and all its beautiful architecture.

1, 2, 3 .. Take off!

( The first picture was taken after leaving Toronto, and the second picture was taken after arriving in Cuba ! )

After all the anxious waiting and excitement,  3 hours and 45 minutes later the team arrived at Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport, and that was the moment I told my self to keep an open mind to anything Cuba has to offer. Once we’ve arrived at Casa Del Carino it immediately felt like home to me.

( Here is a picture of the school bus that the team got picked up in from the airport, and a picture of the house we stayed at during our 10-day stay )

What I really loved most about this trip was how fast we all connected to one another and fulfilled our time involving ourselves in anything that was given to us. Once we arrived home, we had the chance to relax and get ourselves organized after a tiring flight.

Can I say I’ve never seen so much love and care people in Cuba put into their farms?!

We had the opportunity to visit two small organic farms in the region and learn about what permaculture really means to these individuals and why its important within the country. The farm owners also taught us different techniques on how to grow new plants and ways in which prevent them from dying and not regrowing.

One thing I will never forget about this incredible trip was that I had the chance to help build a washroom! From mixing the aggregates, lime, and cement for concrete to staking rocks for the creation of a wall, everything was completely hands-on and interesting to learn since I aspire to become an Architect one day after college!


Familia… one word that I can leave Cuba saying often. This is a picture of our last day on Roberto and Casas farm. I PRAY that someday I will have the chance to revisit Cuba and by that time know Spanish to make meaningful connections and conversations with the wonderful individuals that live there!

Thank you Centennial College and adiós por ahora Cuba!

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