We Have Landed in Lima- Now Bring us to Food!

Since we are food science students, it was only natural for our first priority in Peru to be “arroz con pollo” (rice with chicken) and “juga de piña” (pineapple juice)!

After sleeping in a little (we got to our hotel at 4 am! A good sleep-in was earned) we hoofed it to the beach area of Miraflores where a stunning view of the Pacific waited for us.


Our group leaders led us to Tanta’s Restaurant where we feasted on beef stir fry, Tuca Tuca (beef filet in a coating and fried, with rice, beans and a fried egg) and fresh seafood. And of course, as much fresh juice as we could handle.

Tuca Tuca

After such a delicious lunch we were rejuvenated and ready for exploring the rest of Miraflores, like a cat park that had no cats (beautiful, but I was told there would be cats ready for petting and scritches) and buying lovely crafts from the local market. There were more culinary delights, such as “Chicha morada” (a sweet drink made from corn) and “Picarones” (a fried doughnut-like pastry made with sweet potato). But the most important was a hot churro filled with dulce de leche that affected me deeply. My life is now divided into two: BC (Before Churro) and AC (After Churro). Nothing from BC matters; all that matters is finding more churros filled with dulce de leche.

Or until I find something even more delicious that consumes my entire being. We’ve barely scratched the Peruvian culinary experience!


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