‘Paint the Town Green’ around the World



Centennial College became Ontario’s first College on October 17, 1996, growing rapidly by offering the Baby Boom generation a new path to rewarding careers.  Centennial was the first in a network of public colleges created to help the province become more competitive in an increasingly technological world.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary,  over 15,000 members of the Centennial College Community participated in “Paint the Town Green” around the world! Together, our students,faculty, staff, local agents, partner schools and alumni have cleaned up beaches and planted trees in 11 Parks in Toronto and 14 cities around the world! The CN Tower honoured our effort by glowing green and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau wrote us a letter of recognition! ►centenni.al/PM-Justin-Trudeau

Thank you for being part of our history!

VIETNAM: The activity included a beach clean up lead by the Centennial College staff at our office in Vietnam. Future Centennial College students met at our office in Hanoi and traveled together by bus to the beach in Hai Phong.

In my opinion, “Paint the Town Green” is the most meaningful event that I have ever participated in. This event not only gives me a chance to protect marine environment by picking up trash around the coast but it’s also is a great chance for me to develop an excellent network of individual relationships. I believe the most effective method to protect marine environment is to encourage younger people to participate in environmental campaigns like this event – ‘Paint the Town Green’.Thanks Centennial College so much for holding this meaningful event!”

Pham Thi Dai Trang, from Hai Phong, future
Centennial College for Jan 2017


“In our contemporary life, environmental pollution has long been an alarming issue concerned by a large number of people, especially, water contamination in Vietnam. Therefore, Paint the Town Green is not only a great opportunity for young people to protect the ocean but also a chance to widen our knowledge. Through this event, I have obtained numerous helpful lessons such as learning how important the Ocean is to human-beings and how to protect it. This knowledge will be used in raising awareness in my community after the event. Moreover, through this activity, the
beach has now become a more beautiful place to enjoy after our hard work!”

Nguyen Dong Hung Tin, from Hai Phong, future
Centennial College student

1SUZHOU CENTENNIAL COLLEGE:  Created in association with Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Suzhou Centennial College is the first Canadian college approved by the Chinese government to deliver Canadian education in China.

100 Suzhou Centennial College’s students and faculty too a “Green Walk” to Jinji Lake and collected garbage on the road. Our Team walked about 2 hours, cleaned passing areas and reached the destination–Suzhou Time Square, where an environment Q&A competition was held, and students who answered the questions right received a gift to recognize their effort and knowledge to protect the environment.

PANAMA: We planted seeds of environmental activism with students of “Domingo Romero” government aided public school. Our international office staff, alumni and local agent gave a presentation about care and protection of the environment. We cleaned up green spaces on campus, planted trees, and visited popular areas for clean-up in the community. We also created a mural with the children of the school and enjoyed a Veggie lunch from local #Guarumal Community! The activity ends as we  teach about about recycling through sorting/dividing garbage. The young students learned they could make a big difference when they saw the pile of garbage bags filled with plastic bottles and pop cans they collected.

MEXICO: International Office staff, local agent and alumni clean up “Parque México”

BRAZIL: Clean up at Stella Maris’ Beach in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil with Travelling Recruiter and our future student. Our future Software Engineering student Davi Thiesse took the initiative to send photos of the polluted beach to the Mayors assistant and his environmental activism prompted a full clean up!

CHINA: Shanghai Pharmaceutical School (SPS): SPS has been in partnership with Centennial College since 2003 and organized unique activities based on their school specialties. Participants, including students, faculty and staff, were divided into four groups with individual themes, aimed at expressing the idea of interaction, energy conservation, low-carbon, and environmental protection.

Group A) Participants visited Yangjing community to measure residents’ blood pressure, weight, and body fat. Students gave back to the community with their professional knowledge. Group B) Participants practiced waste materials collection and exchange with community residents. Group C) Participants and community residents together created DIY (Do It Yourself) objects with the idea of recycling and environmental protection. Group D) Participated in gardening under the instruction of school gardeners.

INDIA: Our International Office staff and alumni in Bangalore, India visited Government aided School, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Government High School. “Paint the Town Green” Project in Bangalore, India aimed at Go Green education for the students through a cleaning and painting activity. The school is a learning space for 200 students from 8th to 10th Grade.


SOUTH KOREA: Centennial College international office team in Seoul engaged participants from our University partner Hanyang Woman’s University. During the activity, 100 students joined Centennial College in cleaning up Cheonggyecheon recreational space in downtown Seoul!


As part of “Paint the Town Green,” the Centennial community has engaged communities locally, globally, and online.  “Celebrating Global Citizenship: Stories from Students Who Made an Impact” was an interactive webinar celebrating students, graduates and faculty who have made an impact in the world.

Watch the Webinar – Topics include: “Claim your Digital Citizenship” By Dr. Marilyn Herie and “Develop your career while you change the world” with Scott McWilliams, Current President of @Enactus and Global Business Management Graduate. 


The Beauty of our “Paint the Town Green” event is in keeping the Spirit of Environmental Activism and Community engagement alive. We invite you to join the movement by participating in A Global Competition Awarding ‘Green’ Leadership! 

Centennial College will recognize five #Centennial50 Photo Contest Participants with a $1000 “Green Leadership” Award.  We know you’re making a difference in your community and we want to hear about it! Share how you demonstrate “Green” Leadership in your life, study, work, travel or volunteer experiences.

Five participants win a $1000 Green Leadership Award from Centennial College!

Share your story with us using #Centennial50 on twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Twitter: @CentennialIE  
Instagram: @CentennialInternational
Facebook: Centennial College International Centre


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