Camp Power to Be, Literacy Program

Centennial College took me and other students to Negril, Jamaica for a life-changing program organized by Power to Be International. The program was from July 16 to July 24. For some of us, including me, this was a whole new feeling because I’ve never had the opportunity to participate in a program with so many kids.

DanielThe first day for me was tough but the next couple of days were a lot different. I had the chance to know and understand the kids and found out how cool and understanding they were. The kids are really smart and sure we had difficult moments! However, the kids know why they are there what they wanted.

At first, I thought we were just there to teach and help the kids with literacy, but then I realized I was learning a lot from the kids too. They taught me about their culture, music, shared stories and language. A lot of people from around the world can really learn from this program.

I also got to know fantastic people I came with, who I am grateful to have come across in life. This GCELE was an eye-opener for me and it allows me to appreciate things more. I am really grateful to Centennial College for selecting me for this program and also am happy to have met everyone at Camp Power to Be.

Written by: Daniel Mogbojuri, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science

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