The markets in Guangdong 


I would like to talk about the main markets of Guangdong province in this post.

A lot of people come to China for business, as for me, however, I do not have an acting business anywhere yet, but I definitely learn opportunities now, where you can find particular kinds of goods and how to negotiate.

I learned the following:

2 main cities are – Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Guangzhou – mostly textile, clothes, leather and leather goods. (Do not forget: most Chinese companies come to the canton fair twice a year, which is convenient)

Shenzhen – home for electronics, most electronic factories(for new, popular goods are located there).

So, If you happen to come to any of these cities, you will make your idea of business wider in terms of prices, logistic offers, goods themselves. It is very useful even to pose as a businessman, to see how the sellers react and what they offer.

If you just want to come to buy goods for yourself or your family, you can visit not the factories, but markets, they offer a whole variety of goods that can be sold retail, it is also possible, but don’t expect it to be “dirt cheap” in comparison to your home country: big companies, who order in enormously large volumes, get extremely low prices, therefore it is also no that much more expensive all over the world.

Vadim Ayrapetyan

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