Internship in Guangzhou – Usefulness of the trip

Hello, a couple weeks after my arrival I can share with you the following:

– If you have or planning to be engaged in international business – trip to China is the first thing in “To do” list

– Stereotypes and small parts of information will not be able to give you the view and idea of what international business really is, even partially. You have to come here and see it with your eyes.

-On the first day of my arrival, I attended one of the biggest trade fairs in China and in the whole world – 119th Canton Fair. You can see how the international business is really done here, how companies invent new stuff and businesspeople from all over the world come there to spread it all around the globe.

-After that, I started working in the educational field and started just observing how negotiating and interacting among businesspeople is done here.

-No matter, what people say about China, coming here is enormously useful, regardless of the costs

Be prepared:

If you a foreigner who tries to do some business with China – you are a target. That is why you have to get familiarized with everything(preferably, act through a third party) and know the product you are going to buy. But that’s very deep. Anyway, if you got the opportunity to come here, you will not lose a minute of a time that can get you some information and experience.

As for me, I either work or work. Work on my official, internship work, or for my future(in my spare time) that’s why I had my first day-off when I only went out to have fun a month after my arrival.

Vadim Ayrapetyan

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