Internship in Guangzhou – Things to be prepared for

Hello, my name is Vadim Ayrapetyan. I am a Centennial College student(international business co-op). I am doing my internship in Guangzhou, China. I would like to write about all the things that every person travelling to China has to take care of and be aware of.

-Make sure that everything happens according to the plan and you know the dates before you buy flight tickets;

-Know every second of your trip(layover, airports, terminals of arrival and departure, times, cities, where to eat). All that stuff matters – the more you know, the less stressed you are. You can even try to get the airport maps;

-Make sure you get the right type of visa with the desirable duration of stay;

-Follow the signs in the airports during layovers;

-As you arrive in Guangzhou – it is hot and humid;

-First thing you have to do – stay connected, it is worth all money that you will spend: you know directions, you have translator, you can chat with your friends or make new ones, it is not “wi-fi on every step” city, so it’s better to buy a sim-card.

-Not so many people speak English or have an English menu in the restaurants

-Not all ATMs accept foreign cards

P.S. I am not really a selfie person, but I like to take photos of lovely views, and I would love to share them with you
Vadim Ayrapetyan

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