Enjoying Down Time in Costa Rica

There is nothing like relaxation and a little fun in the sun.  Costa Rica has a lot of beautiful beaches.  These two beaches are located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica.  The sunset was truly amazing to watch.  As the sun put itself to bed there was such a shift in my surroundings.  The beach seemed quiet, calm, and very serene.  It almost felt like it was just me, the beach, and this wonderful sunset.  This location is Playa Dominical Beach.  The other beach location is called Playa Jaco Beach.  I was excited and enjoying this day very much.  Also, it was my first time ever being in the ocean.  What a day…What an experience.


Costa Ricans love to be active and take pride in staying in shape.  I must say that I have endured and participated in some of the most intense hikes of my life.  Some of the inclines and declines are the steepest and roughest terrain I have ever walk on.  Honestly speaking I have never hiked in the mountains before this experience.  Although these hikes were physically challenging and very exhausting I made the climb.  Being in Costa Rica I have challenged myself physically, mentally, and emotionally and very proud of my accomplishments.  I have pushed myself further physically in the last month and a half than I thought I was capable.


So Costa Ricans love to have fun.  The University in Cartago TEC held an event for international students and we went zip lining at Rain Forest Adventures.  This experience was a blast and another first for me.  I am extremely petrified of heights but I managed to get through this with no fear whatsoever.  It was AWESOME!!! On the second day of being in Costa Rica, I was in Orosi Valley for two days before coming to my homestead in Cartago.  I enjoyed horseback riding and the company of Pancho one of the locals in this community.  I also got to spend an exciting night out in San Jose with some of the indigenous students that I am working with.  Great times…Great adventures…


Costa Ricans take pride in their country and the scenery.  So as I mentioned earlier about the hiking, well it was all worth it because the end results were truly worth the effort.  These two waterfalls, the mountain views, and if you look closely at one of the mountain shots you see what the locals call the mountain of the sleeping women.  While I was in Orosi I woke up and took a picture of the volcano.  It was actually smoking.


Created by Denise Hatfield, Social Service Worker, Centennial College, Ashtonbee Campus, Costa Rica International Internship

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