Costa Rica (Buenos Aries/Rey Curre) Indigenous Celebration

Tradition and Celebration active in Rey Curre as Brunka  tribe celebrates their annual Festival of Little Devils.  This celebration marks the Boruca tribe’s resistance against colonialism and the Spanish conquerors.  As tradition unfolds again it has been passed down through many generations of this tribal community.Rey Curre

This depicts the fight of the diablitos against the bull.  This fight continues for three days in which the diablitos show their resistance against the bull.  At the end of each day the diablitos die and are reborn to fight another day.  However at the end of the third day the diablitos are victorious and the bull is killed.  This fight is vigorous, aggressive, and very lengthy in nature, however the unity and support for these fighters from the community is remarkable.  The pride and honour that surrounds this celebration is nothing short of breath taking, and it appears to be a spiritual journey for this entire community.  The children of this community look up to the diablitos and someday hope that they will be selected when they grow up to participate in this traditional honour.

Rey Curre 2These are traditional houses that date back years and many generations of the Brunka tribe.  The sphere has a deep connection to Buenos Aries.  Archaeologist’s have not yet dated them or figured out what the significance of these spheres hold.  They are located all over Costa Rica.traditonal houses BorucaAt the end of the day’s festivities the entire community comes to this hall and enjoys a dance.  This experience in Rey Curre was very empowering to witness.  The community unity is remarkable, and this tribe takes much pride in their heritage, traditions, spiritual connections, and generations of celebration.  end of the night

By Denise Hatfield, Social Service Worker Program, Centennial College, Ashtonbee Campus, Costa Rica International Internship

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