Fish Are Friends

After almost 2 months, I feel well integrated into my life here in South Africa. I cheered on the springboks in the rugby world cup, I’ve learned how to use a brain and I have now had the chance to do a number of short trips.

The first of these getaways consisted of me meeting Kate at her internship in Kynsna and heading to Sedgefield for 2 nights spent beachfront.

Mossel Bay, pre sharks.

Being only an hour from Mossel Bay, we decided that we couldn’t pass up the chance to get in a cage and come face to face with the ocean’s largest predators.

Ready to look fear in the eye.

I was surprised how excited I actually was to step into the cage. Being in the first group to get in the water, the sharks were curious and lively. We saw numerous great whites graze past us and had a real-life jaws moment when one swam straight for us, teeth glaring.

duh  nuh.. duh nuh.. duh nuh

Disclaimer: we survived with all extremities intact.

Tsitsikamma mountains

Other highlights from my time here in Plett include spending my birthday in Tsitikamma; hiking the storms river mouth and joining in an African drumming circle, visiting the Bramon Wine Estate and frolicking around in Natures Valley.

Nature’s Valley

Stay tuned,


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