Conservation project in Costa Rica

What did I do this summer? Before the school ends I really wanted to do something meaningful during the summer and I find out that GCELE is a full funded project of Centennial College so I joined in. At first, I’ve been interviewed of one of the Faculty. After 1 week later, they send me an email that I got accepted. I spend my two weeks of summer in the rainforest in Cano Palma, Costa Rica. I feel really blessed to be one of the representative of Canada and my school Centennial College as a Canadian/ student ambassador. I learned about on how conservation works on plants, animals and from the community but wait! there are more that we can’t just learned from school. I learned how to reflect myself on people in the community and to look and think deeper on things I do for living that may have a long term effects on other people’s lives.

By: Rogilyn Gamboa

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