GEO Experience – Turku, Finland

It is my honor that Global Experience Office can give this opportunity to participate Summer International Program in Turku, Finland. During these two weeks, I learnt a Finnish language and culture; also I took an intensive course in Mental Health, Crises and Recovery. At the same time, I also have time to travel Finland to see and experience this wonderful country.

The destination is in Turku, Finland. It is located on the southwest coast of Finland and the oldest city in Finland. From my perspective, it may be one of peaceful cities in the world.



What did we do in Turku? Our program is divided into two parts. The first part is intensive course – Mental Health, Crises and Recovery; and the second part is to attend social programs with Centennial’s partner institutions – Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Mental health is related with people’s overall psychological well-being. It can impact on all the aspects of people’s life, and the aspects include the feeling of themselves, the quality of relationships, and the ability to control and manage emotions and feelings, and deal with challenges and stress. We learnt how to take care the mental health and avoid becoming mental health illness or crises, and how to get recovery from them. This is definitely useful subject. Not only it can improve our academic level, but it also can help us future career and life, even can affect our rest of life in positive way.

The second part of our program is social programs. We visited many historical attractions to enjoy the beautiful views and fresh sea air, and made new friends. We tasted local food, appreciated art exhibitions, visited museum and castle, and even experienced Finnish sauna.

IMG_8411 IMG_8424

Besides, you cannot miss a visit of Helsinki, which is one of northern Europe’s major cities. The Design in Helsinki is a must when visiting there. In Helsinki, there is a design district. It includes design from a number of fields such as fashion, architecture and urban culture. There are dozens of design and fashion boutiques and galleries. I really experienced how design is embedded in their daily life. Design is everywhere in Helsinki.

IMG_0402 IMG_0434 IMG_7939 IMG_7962 IMG_8064 IMG_8108 IMG_8347

I will never forget about how helpful and friendly they all are in Finland! This program enhances my academic knowledge, helps me appreciate the cultural diversity of Finland and achieves personal growth.

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