Reach Italy before 20: Mission Accomplished!

Ciao! Come stai? I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to travel to Italy while I am still in school. I have always thought that it will take me many years to get to Italy, but I was wrong. The emphasis on multiculturalism at Centennial College has made this trip possible.

If it wasn’t for this trip, I would have never known how travelling abroad and immersing myself into the Italian culture could affect me.

Italian culture has reminded me to take time to enjoy the present moments. Whether it is dining with family and friends, viewing scenery, having a conversation with other people, or relaxing during hot afternoons, it is important to live in the moment and truly take in what is happening around me. This is a good reminder for those of us who may live in a fast-past lifestyle. A tip from Italy: Breath, laugh, and socialize more often!

I knew I was in Italy when…

I saw a lot of people owning cats. Cats everywhere…


Cheese is more popular than meats


Here are some pictures of where we went on our excursions (it was not all studying)

Picture of the St. Mark Square at Venice, Italy


Picture of a great hilltop view of Florence, Italy


Summer in Italy has been a memorable experience!

Yours Truly,


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