It’s NICA Time!!

Hola and what’s up guys! My name is Samia and I’m currently entering my second year at Centennial in the BScN program.

Flashback to May 5 2015, *ahem flashback ahem*, I was given the opportunity to travel to the land where rolling your Rs was the status quo, Tuesdays are a designated taco night,  and where the weather was…when I say hot, I mean HOT. HOT. HOT. Caliente!

Chinandega, Nicaragua.

Home to a culture so rich and views so scenic. Imagine having your breath taken away on a daily basis, not only from the views but from the people.

Our group of Centennial global citizens travelled a long way to participate in teaching health promotion through activities that catered throughout the lifespan. We set out everyday with different activities such as teaching sexual health in the local high school, hosting a cooking fair to teach the women in the community about food safety and cooking with purpose, and inviting the boys and girls in the community to promote leadership and self esteem. Everyday was nothing but amazing.

We all learnt different things but I think one of the biggest things we could take away from our experience was that, there are no boundaries to having a human connection.

We don’t speak Spanish. “Hola…*crickets crickets*”

They didn’t speak English.

But that doesn’t stop you from learning from and with someone. Every movement, every gesture, every laugh, and every smile taught us all about the community we joined. It soon became like home, waking up everyday and heading out to see our community.

And I must say, I don’t know how much they learned from a bunch of Centennial kids, but personally, and I think I can speak for our group, we definitely learned a lot more about them and ourselves.

Again sorry for the late post, what can i say….i’m still running on NICA time 😉

Be sure to read everyone else’s blog posts who joined me on this amazing adventure! Get the full scoop and maybe next year you guys can pick up where we left off.

peace x love

– Samia

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