The unforgettable 2015 Italian summer

The unforgettable 2015 Italian summer

(The view of Urbania)

I used to travel a lot as a photojournalist, but it was the first time I travelled to one of the European countries as a student.

 (In Rome)

During the last half month in Italy, 25 schoolmates and I had a great time from Urbania, Venice, Florence to Rome.

 (In Venice & Florence)

We had a journey of learning the Italian language and culture. In Urbania I enjoyed the traditional Italian lifestyle; in Florence, I saw the architecture of David; in Rome, I made a wish in Trevi fountain… I was extremely moved by the Italian history and culture.

 (Cooking class, ceramic class, wine tasting class, visiting host family’s farm)

And most importantly, I have made many new friends during this trip.

(Photos with the host family and group members from Urbania to Venice Florence and Urbino)

Thanks for my truly centennial college giving me the once a lifetime opportunity. This trip opens a door for me to learn about European history and culture. And I have known how to live a meaningful life.

By Jian Li

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