Studying is boring? Not here!

This summer I had an amazing opportunity to spend 4 weeks in a beautiful Spanish city called Logrono. This was my first time learning Spanish and being in Spain. What can I say about this experience? It was amazing!

First of all, the classes. All the people in my group were beginners and never studied Spanish or knew very little. After just 4 weeks everyone got 75% or more on a final test and got A1 level in Spanish! I could never imagine that it was possible to achieve these results in such a short term. But not only my classmates were serious and dedicated. If we didn’t have our great teacher Ricardo with us, we would not be that successful. That person really made our classes joyful and interesting and I can say that he is one of the best teachers I have ever had joy to study with.

Secondly, accommodation and living. We were placed in a student residence. The place was very close to the university and had a bus stop nearby. Rooms were cosy and every room was equipped with a kitchen and a washroom. Usually after classes we were buying groceries to cook a lunch ourselves later or going to a local restaurants and coffee shops. Sometimes, however, because of the heat some students adopted a habit of taking an afternoon nap, also called siesta which is a common thing in a Spanish culture. And in the evening, when the heat eased and shops were opened again, we liked to explore the city, visiting local attractions and beautiful cathedrals. This also helped us to improve our Spanish.


Finally, once again I am very grateful for this month full adventures and discovers. I never thought I would visit Spain or start learning a new language soon. The culture and history, it is something one of a kind. Just visit this country once and I can assure you that your heart would not stay untouched.


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