Team Nicaragua !!

I remember the few weeks leading up to my GCELE in Nicaragua. I felt anxious and excited. Meeting new people, working on lesson plans and trying to mentally prepare myself for the ten days I would be spending in a different country. Two days before the trip I remember feeling nervous and scared, not knowing what to expect, what difference we would be able to make and want to back out last minute. Stepping off the plane into the blazing heat, getting into the car and travelling four hours to Coco Loco Resort was tiring. I remember travelling through trees and branches on dirt roads, passing huts with no electricity, thinking to myself how different this place is. The next few days were definitely an adjustment for me. I had to get used to showering outside, using composting toilets and sleeping in a bed surrounded by a mosquito net. The first day out in the community was difficult. It was extremely challenging to communicate at first due to the language barrier. Speaking through a translator wasn’t always the easiest, but we still managed to connect with our class. Teaching sexual education to elementary school girls really opened my eyes as to how much these young girls value their education and how knowledgeable this community is. Terminating our relationship with them was difficult. I felt as if I became a part of their community and I was not ready to say goodbye. The Nicaraguan community was very welcoming and extremely grateful for our presence. I felt that I was able to share my knowledge and skills with these individuals, while at the same time learn from them. I had the opportunity to witness a community acting like one big family, working together and continuously smiling. We are so fortunate back home and
sometimes we take things for granted without even realizing it. The Nicaraguan community has very little but are happy with what they have. Their community has taught me to appreciate everything we have including the small things. I cannot wait to return to the community in the future.


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