Internship in Costa Rica – Villas Mastatal

Hello everyone!

My name is Alberto, I am a student of Project Management at Centennial College. I am doing my internship at Villas Mastatal in Costa Rica. Mastatal is a small village (about 80 people) in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle, midway between the capital (San Jose) and the Pacific Ocean.

Villas Mastatal is an eco-sustainable organic farm owned by a friendly and young family, Javier, Raquel and their little son Andres (just 4 years old!) I have been here since July 1st but I haven’t been able to post because the Internet connection here is quite bad. Although it is frustrating at times to be without wifi, it is very peaceful to feel completely disconnected in a small paradise.

Butterflies The place where we do yoga in the afternoons!

There are several volunteers at the farm who help the family to maintain it. When I got here we were sixteen, now we are like eight, it depends, as all of them are travelers coming in and out. I have met so many different and unique types of people from all over the world on the finca (farm). We are all very different but have similar characteristics. Villas Mastatal attracts similar people who are spontaneous, open-minded, and adventurous. We are like a family here and switch off helping with meals and cleaning. To help with meals we go out on the farm to collect the leaves for the salad and other fruits and vegetables.    Some of the work we do

They also do have several small-scale projects in the farm, such as:

  • Create a butterfly garden
  • Compost and eco-friendly toilets
  • Protect and fix trails at La Cangreja National Park
  • Design and construct a greenhouse for tomatoes
  • Other necessary stuff that needs to be done to maintain the farm, like digging, shoveling out, planting, etcetera.


– Alberto

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