Conquering Mt. Palgongsan, Pt. 2

As promised, I will conclude my adventure to Mt. Palgongsan. I ended my last post by saying, “Descending the mountain was like the blind leading the blind…” Here’s the explanation. We descended the mountain at night, which, as you could imagine, was not the best situation.

At the peak, the view of the sunset was amazing, but that only meant that we had to leave, as we would soon lose light. Although we didn’t expect it to turn dark so soon, we were somewhat prepared – we all had our cell phones, which meant we essentially had 5 flashlights. Never had I been more glad to be carrying my cell phone! While there were a few (read: way too many) missteps and slips, we survived and made it down the mountain just in time to catch the express bus… phew!

This view awaited us at the bottom of the mountain:

2015-07-15 21.04.01


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