Conquering Mt. Palgongsan

Ever had someone tell you to prepare to head somewhere (such as a mountain) but the actual mountain you had in mind was not 1, 192 meters high?! Well, that certainly happened to past week.

Along with 4 other colleagues (Nicole, Marty, Jimmy and Leah), I climbed Mr. Palgongsan, a famous mountain in Daegu, sitting about 20 km north of the centre of the city! To put it all into context, I thought that we were going the mountain that is relatively close to the campus. It wasn’t very high and there was a lift we could take up the mountain. When we got onto a bus (actually, two buses) and heading to the edge of town, it dawned on me that we were not heading to the mountain I initially thought we were going to climb. Nevertheless, we climbed the Mt. Palgongsan and witness nature at its finest! Check out the photos:

2015-07-15 17.37.42 2015-07-15 19.06.44 2015-07-15 19.07.25 2015-07-15 19.08.50 2015-07-15 19.12.51 2015-07-15 19.26.37 2015-07-15 19.34.38

Descending the mountain was like the blind leading the blind. Stay tuned to find out why that was the case…


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