This is my compilation of the small (and the grandest) things on living rural in Costa Rica.

1. Oh the joy of having rain! Agua, agua!  My family household is without water again.  This happens 3-5 x a week.  The longest we went without running water is seven days,  So, thats when the rain barrel towel comes in handy.  Conserving water usage as much as possible and relying on rain water is very important here.

2. Doctor, doctor!  They are a 1 -2 hour drive away from Llano Bonito.  My homestay family drove me to three cities to find me a doctor that was in.  From San Pablo to San Marcos and finally last pitstop in Cartago where I was able to see a doctor.

3. Cover your nose and mouth, because they burn their garbage here.

4. Cold showers everyday, all day.  There are some homes with a built in electrical water heater.

5. Time for relaxation and slow your usual pace down.  Great time to read a book, hone a craft, discover your inner creativity, and spend time with family.

6.  Bring out your binoculars and magnifying glass!  You will find a camouflage lizard, baby snakes, unusual birds, and many insects of all sizes in this part of Costa Rica.  And your usual soaring eagle between hills.

7. Vroom vroom!  AV’s, motorcycle, and race cars are ways of travel in Llano Bonito.

8. Household laundries are hung outside, on trees, bushes, gates, etc.  On hot sunny days laundry dries within 1-2 hours.

9.  Books nowhere, not a library in sight.  I haven’t seen many books in the school that I work at either.

10.  Food waste can be composted right in the field of banana trees and coffee plants.

11.  Buy your grocery elsewhere because food price are high.  Some household goes to the city to buy their months worth of groceries, such as rice and beans.  The price difference is big.

12.  The bus system is scarce and infrequent.  The bus comes about two times a day at two specific times.

By Sherry Ing, currently in Costa Rica

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