Who Helps Who Part I : BUILDING COMMUNITY : PEI -1 JUNE 21-28, 2015


Leaving Toronto to PEI with no clue what I would get and do but building a home to a mother and a daughter. It started how I was over excited to get ready what should I bring: a note from pre-departure meeting was really helpful. I got everything I needed especially things related to my skin cares. on Sunday June 21, 2015 , Charlottetown greeted our team with pouring rain and no sun. Oh well, It looked so gloomy but the excitement shed up all the anxiety. When we arrived at the Brackley Hostel, I was silently speaking to myself: “How could I survive?” , Who  are going to be my roommates?” ” Will I get along with them?” “oh well… whatever happens let it happens….I will make it work somehow”

We are not looking for the gate B2C, we are looking for food court
We are greeted by pouring rain
Here is the Full Team: full of excitement
Check in at the hostel we will call home for the next 8 days



It”s still raining, we will still work! plan B work! instead of working at the job site on Nine Miles Creek in Cornwall, we headed off to the warehouse of Habitat for Humanity PEI. We are doing wood cutting. From the stage of scared of hand saw to the stage of having fun with it. It’s a learning process on going. Although I currently study at Architectural Technology program, it does not mean I will be able to apply the knowledge I have learned in practice. It’ s a labour intense. Either you have to have a strong muscle or you have to have a strong will to be able to survive here. I have the second one ( according to my team leader).

image1 - Copy
Scary  face full of fear
image2 - Copy
working on wood cutting
image4 - Copy
I am excelling  it and am enjoying it
image5 - Copy
we accomplish all target for the day


We are expecting a sunny day. We started by having breakfast made by 2 wonderful ladies Daisy and Beini, our Team Leader Pierre and Rebecca help washing dishes. Day 3 it’s our first day at Nine Miles Creek House. Our schedule for today are : assembling scaffolding,  finishing all rigid insulation + taping, putting doors and windows and framing interior walls. We did it a good job and we reached the target. Therefore, we deserve good dinner.

image1 - Copy (2)
Beside they are strong women, they are excellent chefs
image3 - Copy (2)
Our one and only gentleman Pierre and our friend Rebecca are helping wash dishes
image6 - Copy
First day at Nine Creek MIles house. I am anxious and excited
image7 - Copy
My photoshoot before working hard
First we have to assemble the scaffolding, second start working on rigid insulation and taping
Karla my friend looks like a professional rigid insulation technician
We are all working hard that day to reach our target for the day
I am working on rigid insulation
The progress of the house at 3.00 pm: It seems we have almost reached the target for the day
We deserve a nice dinner at Factory Restaurant ( no seafood menu though yet)


This morning  I woke early at 6.00 am and I was talking with my dad and my sister on video call. I found out that mom does not do well, a day before they took her to the hospital and she is being treated at ICU. Dad told me to stay strong and to be professional and to stop crying. My team are awesome they give me hugs to comfort me. So enough with a sad moment,  I make crepes for all: cooking always makes me happy. Our Schedule for today is to assemble the shingles and to continue the framing job. . After working hard, we go back to the hostel , take a nice showers ( we competed to get to  men shower rooms  with our only guy in a team: first come first serve type of thing). this Evening we are going to have dinner to a restaurant named  Lobsters Wharf by the Charlottetown waterfront ( it sounds fancy, right?),  After Dinner we have 2 surprises from our sweet project coordinator Monic,  The surprise visits for the night are the Cow ice cream and Tim Horton!!!!  the Cow ice cream visit after dinner is the hit of the day. However, for others,  they are happy too because they get the surprised visit to Tim Horton

My not so perfect crepes apparently taste delicious according to me 🙂
Watch out : these girls are strong enough to carry a pack of shingles ( approx. 25 kg)
it looks easy hammering but I tell you it’s not
A framing job needs skill like Beini and Daisy have
the Roofing job, the skill I wanted to learn badly on the job site but apparently I was not qualify according to my team leader ( joking). Brittany and Rebecca are hired!!!!
Day 4 Dinner at Sea-view restaurant named Lobster Wharf ( still no seafood being served yet)
image10 1
Oh! This Fish and Chips dinner hm delicious   ( next to our table, a group of people are having lobster dinner: envy)
A Good girl with a good work ethos  deserves a cone of Cow Ice cream: being spoiled with a free ice cream
A good guy and good girls also got a surprised visit to Tim Hortons
Things you get for granted in Toronto, you get here as a privilege

wait for my Day 5-Day 8 story : its getting more interesting…………..

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