GCELE China 2015: My learning experience

Working with the girls form the Yi community in China enabled me realize that learning is a continuous process. The workshops we prepared were aimed at empowering the girls by improving their level of self confidence, helping them become aware of their role as global citizens and not just females with a sole purpose of procreation. This opportunity to participate in GCELE China served as a self reflection for me. I saw myself in a new environment and watched myself triumph. I heard touching stories from the girls and was moved to tears. But most importantly, I learned from the girls that there is no such thing as a failure because amidst the poverty and living conditions, these girls are determined to succeed and give back to their community and all those in need.  Although I was assisting the girls with their self development, there was so much learning for me. I have learnt to appreciate all I have and take advantage of all opportunities available. This means that I will look at my life more thankfully by basing my judgment on all I have and not on all I do not have. I saw children who were aware of their poverty but they still had smiles on their faces and were still willing to share the little they had. One of the girls wrote: “no matter what happens I will continue my dream and never give up”.

Dora Onimowo

Workshops 3


Workshops 1

GCELE China 1

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